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Best PET CT Scan Centre in Thane A great innovation in diagnostic technology PET CT scans have proven to save lives through timely and accurate diagnosis which allow for the appropriate treatment for a successful outcome. There are a number of centers for PET Scan in Mumbai offering scans at a cost-effective price. However it is essential to consult the best center for an accurate diagnosis which blends high-quality scanning technology with the Best PET Scan Cost in Thane Navi Mumbai and other areas.

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What are the uses of a PET CT scan A PET scan offers a number of uses for patients: • Detects the presence of various types of cancer • Allows for early diagnosis of a number of conditions in the body • Identifies the damage of a heart attack Coronary Artery Disease and other heart ailments • Diagnosis of brain disorders such as dementia Alzheimer’s etc. • Allows for the study of the structures in the body at a cellular level • Measures the effectiveness of current treatment plans • Detects if a condition has reoccurred after successful treatment Factors to look for in a PET CT scan center When choosing a PET CT scan center in Thane and other areas across Mumbai it is essential to take certain factors into consideration: • Technology in the center: The latest PET CT scan technology offers a hoard of benefits over its predecessors. Discovery IQ technology allows for high quality detailed images which provide a precise diagnosis. Moreover this technology requires lesser radiation and conducts the scan in a shorter time with increased patient comfort. Hence advanced technology plays a huge part in your scan results as well as experience. • Technicians Nurses and Radiologists: Compassionate nurses contribute to a good experience by keeping you at ease during the process. Well-trained technicians can operate advanced technology with ease for effective results. Moreover an experienced radiologist would be able to interpret the scans efficiently for accurate results. Hence the staff in the clinic is integral to your experience. • Clinic environment: A PET CT scan takes 2-3 hours to complete with a large amount of waiting to be done while the radioactive tracer spreads throughout the body. Hence a clean and hygienic environment with a pleasant vibe keeps nervousness at bay while you wait. • Cost of PET CT scan: The best PET CT scan combines advanced technology and affordable costs giving each patient the option to avail much-needed

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procedures without skimping on quality. Get in touch with our team for a PET and CT scan cost in Thane. Make sure to take these points into consideration when choosing your PET CT scan clinic for an ideal blend of attractive costs and cutting-edge technology. PET CT Scan Mumbai is among the Best PET Scan Centres in India owing to the precise and accurate scanning technology available in our state-of-the-art clinic. Aiding in a timely diagnosis of cancer and other ailments since its establishment we use cutting-edge Discovery IQ technology that produces high-quality scans in a quick time with maximum patient comfort. With highly-skilled technicians and radiologists we ensure an accurate diagnosis of the highest standard of excellence which has helped numerous patients overcome their condition with ease. Get an estimate today.

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