Whole Body PET CT Scan in Mumbai

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Whole-body PET CT scans reveal how the organs and tissues in the body are functioning, enabling the disease to be detected before it can even show up.


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Whole Body PET CT Scan in Mumbai A whole body PET scan is incredibly effective in diagnosing conditions in the body that could possibly be life-threatening. Using molecular technology and diagnostic imaging diseases can be identified and studied at a molecular level allowing for early treatment and higher success rates. Whole body PET scans reveal how the organs and tissues in the body are functioning enabling the disease to be detected before it can even show up on other forms of diagnostic technology. Here is everything you should know about Whole Body PET Scan in Mumbai.

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What are the uses of Whole body PET CT scan PET CT scan can be used for numerous purposes: • To diagnose the presence of diseases in the body • To measure the success of current treatment plans • To check for reoccurrence of disease after successful treatment What disorders can Whole body PET CT scan detect A PET CT scan can detect a variety of severe disorders in the body: • Types of cancer such as lung cancer thyroid cancer bladder cancer etc. • To identify the damage caused after a heart attack as well as diagnose Coronary Artery Disease among other heart ailments • Brain disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease Dementia Alzheimer’s and more. How does Whole body PET CT scan work The first step of the scan involves the injection of a radioactive tracer which contains a small amount of radioactive material attached to an organic chemical most commonly glucose. Over the next hour this radioactive tracer spreads to all the tissues and organs in the body. Next the patient is made to lie down in the radiation room where a PET scanner scans the entire body. Abnormal cells typically show high activity with glucose which the radioactive material sets off causing these areas to be highlighted in the images produced by the PET scan.

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What are the benefits of Whole body PET CT scan PET CT scan has numerous benefits for patients: • Identifies diseases at a cellular level allowing for timely treatment • Uses only a small amount of radiation which does not affect the body • Commonly used in screening tests • The latest technology allows for high-quality scans • Non-invasive non-surgical diagnostic technology What is the cost of Whole body PET CT scan The cost of Whole body PET scan in Mumbai differs in each scanning centre based on various factors. However it is essential to visit a center that houses advanced technology for precise treatments at the most cost- effective rate. Get in touch with our experts for an estimate PET scan in Thane cost. PET CT Scan Mumbai is among the Best PET Scan Centres in Navi Mumbai India owing to the precise and accurate scanning technology available in our state-of-the-art clinic. Aiding in a timely diagnosis of cancer and other ailments since its establishment we use cutting-edge Discovery IQ technology that produces high-quality scans in a quick time with maximum patient comfort. With highly-skilled technicians and radiologists we ensure an accurate diagnosis of the highest standard of excellence which has helped numerous patients overcome their condition with ease. Get an estimate today.

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