A Little Information about Flea Control on Your Cat

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Proper flea control for your cat and your home begins with understanding what fleas are and what their behavior is. Here are some tips to help you in selecting one that is both effective and suitable for your cat.


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https://www.petcaresupplies.com Page 1 A Little Information about Flea Control on Your Cat The nasty flea loves hot and humid weather. As the summer approaches the war against this tiny but powerful enemy begins. The end of spring and start of summer is perfect timing for fleas to wake up and get ready to plant their flag on your pet where they cause itchy bites and make pets miserably irritated. This is a dark time for your furry companion. As a responsible pet owner it is your duty to be ready for the counter attack. After all you are real fighters you will not stop until the victory When fleas attack your pet unlike some harmless parasites they can transmit diseases like tapeworms and also affect human beings. Now the question – how to detect if your cat has fleas

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https://www.petcaresupplies.com Page 2 You are a master commander So be mindful and get your eyes at your poor kitty and check out every corner of your home to reveal the enemy. Moreover below is a few of key indications that tell you that your cat has flea infestation. Major Signs of a Cat with Fleas:  Excessive scratching around the face  Biting on coat  Excessive grooming  Hair loss  Hysterically rubbing his head  Red skin lesions or scab-like bumps  Black and white crumbles in cat ’s fur  Small bloody dots on skin  Skin abrasions  Weight loss poor coat and body condition  Adult fleas visible on the cat  Tapeworm larvae around the anus Don ’t take these indications lightly as it is painful and in some cases it becomes life threatening for your fur-kid. If you suspect any of above signs in your cat she needs to be treated for fleas as soon as possible. How to defeat fleas bothering your kitty As master commander of your cat keep your weapons ready to defeat fleas. Actually the fleas pass through four life stages: egg larva pupa and adult. With right weapon you can eliminate fleas from your cat. Fortunately a wide range of flea-prevention products is available now. You can use them as effective weapon.

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https://www.petcaresupplies.com Page 3 Formerly pet owners could only depend on traditional flea collars sprays and shampoos. But the latest products are much safer convenient and effective. Select any product wisely and according to the medical conditions of your pet. There is a suggestion of a reliable product named Frontline Plus for cats. It is a fast acting spot-on treatment that directly attacks on fleas ’ life stages and makes cat flea free within few hours. It remains effective for an entire month. Program Advantage Capstar is also recommended as effective flea preventive solutions. And before administering any product always read instructions on the label. Some products are specially formulated for cats and some are for dogs so use them accordingly. And depth cleaning your pet as well as proper home cleaning is essential otherwise your war against fleas will never finish. Because your home still has the fleas in the developmental life stages. So it is wise to wash everything properly in your home that could potentially be infected such as soft goods carpeting and even baseboards. You can even use vacuum cleaner daily in every area to clean the fleas. Safe use of any product is highly suggestible and mandatory. After that victory is in your hands

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