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Peru Mission2010

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The Arrival

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Alto Peru

Slide 16: 

Soccer Field

Slide 18: 

Warm Up Stretches

Slide 22: 

Soccer Camp

Slide 69: 

Sharing the Gospel

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Slide 79: 

Sharing Our Testimony/Teaching

Slide 83: 

Working at the Church

Slide 85: 

Halloween Outreach Alto Peru

Slide 88: 

Halloween Outreach Las Delicias Peru

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Face Painting

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Slide 116: 

Puppet Show

Slide 119: 

Museum Visit

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Slide 139: 

Goofy Moments

Slide 146: 

Pastor Marcos and Juan

Slide 148: 

Iohanz Medina Youth Pastor

Slide 149: 

Our Last Day

Slide 151: 

On Our Way to the Airport

Slide 152: 

Leaving Peru at Midnight All Of Us Were Extremely Tired…

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The End

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