Pet Loss Grief

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Pet Loss Grief 10 Healthy Ways To Overcome Pet Loss Grief

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Give Yourself Permission to Grieve Losing a pet is like losing your best friend. Give yourself permission to express your emotions and let yourself cry. 01

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Don’t Part with Your Pet’s Belongings You’re going to encounter the food bowl and your pet’s bed but it’s best if you hold on to them for a little while. Instead move them to another room until you’re ready to pass them along to someone else. 02

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Hold a Funeral A funeral will help you express your feelings and will give you an opportunity to say goodbye to your beloved pet. 03

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Reach Out to Your Friends Reach out to your friends and tell them about your loss. However keep in mind that not all of your friends are going to understand the depth of your loss. 04

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Reach Out to Pet Loss Grief Groups Contact your local humane society or animal shelter to see if there are any groups for people who are suffering from the loss of a pet in your area. 05

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Remember Your Pet Plant a tree or put up a memorial plaque in memory of your beloved pet. You could also create a scrapbook with photos of all of the memories you’ve shared over the years. 06

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Take Care of Yourself When you’re suffering from pet loss grief it’s easy to become depressed and to forget to eat. Remember that your pet would want you to look after yourself and stay healthy. 07

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Go Out with Friends When you’re grief-stricken sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is going out. However going out will brighten your mood and help you to overcome your grief quicker. 08

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Help Other Animals Volunteering at your local humane society or animal shelter will boost your spirits and help you cope with your pet loss grief. 09

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Don’t Rush Into Getting Another Pet Too Soon The right time to get another pet is really hard to pinpoint but if you do it too soon it’s not fair to you or the new pet. It’s best to wait until you’re sure you’re ready to bring a new family member onboard. 10

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