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Grab the best job opportunities only with us. We are 3Leads, a leading job recruitment agencies. We help you achieve your dreams. Our recruitment experts guide you the best through interviews, personal development, and training at Visit:


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Welcome To 3leads Resources:

Welcome To 3leads  Resources We'll be with you on every walk of life on how to identify new opportunities.

3leads Resources India Pvt Ltd:

3leads Resources India Pvt Ltd Job Recruitment A gencies

Job Recruitment Agencies:

Job Recruitment Agencies We are one of the leaders in job recruitment agencies. With so many years of experience, we assure you to get the best candidates for your company, those who stand out from the others. We open the doors of a better future for you and your associates. Our professional staff is also prepared for any sort of management improvement. Feel free to contact us.

Our Services:

Our Services MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT If you are serious about your business, then we are overseas recruitment consultants in Bangalore. you will need to break the wall of the mobile world. Mobile applications are today what Internet was 10 years ago: something you need to know, understand and use software outsourcing in Bangalore, if you want to be successful. 


ENTERPRISE APPLICATION SERVICES The best companies never underestimate the importance of a well-organized infrastructure. However, as the business grows, it gets more and more difficult to keep up with all the documents, the forms to sign, the emails to share, the protocols and all the other daily operations that keep a company alive. 


TESTING SERVICES In order to obtain the results your company deserves, you need to able to predict and plan the right moves. Change your schedule and talk with our IT experts about the testing services we offer. 3leads gives you the chance to really determine if the quality of the applications your company relies on is worth the investment you made. 


Contact Us: If you want to get more information about us. So please Visit our Website: +91 (080) 4160-3968 /

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