Heroes Lesson Plan, Lana Chakhaia, Zugdidi School 4

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What words describe heroes?:

What words describe heroes?

Warm- up (pair work):

Warm- up (pair work) What makes people heroes? Who are heroes? Have you ever watched any kind of film about heroes? Are they always popular? Pairs report their words to teacher after they discuss for 5 minutes, Teacher creates word bank at front of class.

Task: Describe Heroes :

Task: Describe Heroes 1. While viewing the images, write down as many names as you can regarding the heroes you see. 2. Next, talk with your partner and describe and write as many adjectives to describe one or more of the heroes. 3. Next, write down the actions (verbs) that the hero you and your partner are describing – what did that person do that makes him a hero? EACH PAIR OR GROUP PRESENTS to class

Reading Task :

Reading Task While reading the text in the next slide, write down as many verbs that show the heroic action of Dadiani. How would you describe his actions? Write 3 sentences to describe him: Example: Dadiani was a hero because he _______________________________, and he also _____________________. Therefore he is very _________, __________ and _________.

Tsotne Dadiani- Georgian hero:

Tsotne Dadiani- Georgian hero Tsotne Dadioani was a Georgian nobleman.who saved his associates from the Mongol captivity and death. Around 1245, Tsotne was among those nobles of Georgia who attanded the meeting at Kokhtastavi. He left the meeting earlier. The nobles were arrested and they bound their hands and feet.Tsotne voluntarily joined his assiciates to share their fate. The mongol commanders were so impressed by Tsotne’s devotion that they pardoned and released all prisoners. He became one of the most historical figure and a saint of the Georgian Orthodox church.

Task: Complete Chart (Pair work):

Task: Complete Chart (Pair work) Date of birth His deeds National hero or not Religious person? Tsotne Dadiani Martin Luther king Robin Hood Qetevan Tsamebuli

Comparing Heroes :

Comparing Heroes Write a diagram with your partner similar to the one you will see in the next slide and write the similarities and differences between 3 different heroes. Each group reports similarities and differences to a different group

Compare 3 Heroes :

Compare 3 Heroes

PowerPoint Presentation:

1) Who is your hero? 2) Are most of your heroes male or female? 3) Are you a hero to anyone? 4) Who is your country’s biggest national hero and why? 5) Is there a local hero in your town? 6) What makes a hero a hero? 7) Do you think one person’s hero is another person’s villain? 8) What do you think of hero worship? 9) Do you think rock stars are really heroes? STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)

PowerPoint Presentation:

1) Do you have a sporting hero? 2) What do you think an accidental hero is and how does he/she become a hero? 3) What do you think an unsung hero is? 4) What do you think of this quote: “ We can all be heroes in our virtues, in our homes, in our lives”? 5) And this one: “A hero's greatest act is to lay down his sword”? 6) Do you think soldiers and police officers are heroes? 7) Is it important to have heroes? 8) Who were your heroes when you were a child? 9) What questions would you ask your hero if you met him/her? HEROES DISCUSSION - Student A interviews Student B with questions 1-5 and Student B interviews Student A with questions 6-9

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