EU Sustainable Energy Week - How to support innovation.


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The increasing complexity of the construction industry is driving the evolution of the industrial management mindset toward a new post-industrial, or performance paradigm. More and more it is becoming critical for the construction industry to assess and align its core competitive capabilities with its contextual environment.


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EU SUSTAINABLEENERGY WEEK 24-28 JUNE 2013 Energy Peter D. Schellinck EOTA Secretary General 26 June 2013

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How to support innovation to enter the market? Performance Paradigm Shift. Certification: Attestation of the conformity of … against a set of defined and stated requirements , according to a defined scheme, and in a well specified context. Assessment of construction process: in a defined context, determining technical recommendations allowing guidance to the stakeholders in their decisions on the reliable construction of a defined work.

How to support innovation to enter the market? : 

How to support innovation to enter the market? All/each ETA issued on the basis of an EAD (or ETAG as EAD) ETA is no more a Harmonised Technical Specification (EAD is now the HTS) EAD developed and adopted by the Organisation of TABs = EOTA ETA issued by a TAB acting on its own Use conditioned by change in the product or in the assessment methods + criteria (EAD) Agreement on characteristics related to the intended use of the product Focus on the performances + on assessment and verification of constancy of performance European technical assessment: ETA


General assembly(+ 50 member bodies) Executive Board(7 or 8 members, incl. President Yannick Lemoigne)(= old Management Team) EOTA SecretariatSecretary General: Peter SchellinckProject Manager: Andrea Oel-BrettschneiderSecretary: Karina Lens NEW STRUCTURE Technical Board

New Regulation (CPR) from 1/07/2013? : 

New Regulation (CPR) from 1/07/2013? No longer Directive but Regulation: uniform application in all MSs Clearer description of responsibilities of all players Enhanced control on NBs Enhanced market surveillance Simplified systems for SMEs Clarification of meaning of CE marking CE marking mandatory when hEN exists CE marking voluntary through ETAG and CUAP replaced by EAD (European Assessment Document) as basis for ETA (European Technical Assessment) Stricter procedures for making EADs

CPR - Meaning of CE Marking (Art. 8(2)) : 

CPR - Meaning of CE Marking (Art. 8(2)) By affixing or having affixed the CE marking, manufacturers indicate that they take responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with the declared performance as well as the compliance with all applicable requirements laid down in this Regulation and in other relevant Union harmonisation legislation providing for its affixing.

CE Marking will be accepted in 33 countries (from 1/7/2013) : 

CE Marking will be accepted in 33 countries (from 1/7/2013) Austria (EU) Belgium (EU) Bulgaria (EU) Croatia (from 1/7/2013) Cyprus (EU) Czech Republic (EU) Denmark (EU) Estonia (EU) Finland (EU) France (EU) Germany (EU) Greece (EU) Hungary (EU) Ireland (EU) Italy (EU) Latvia (EU) Lithuania (EU) Luxembourg (EU) Malta (EU) the Netherlands (EU) Poland (EU) Portugal (EU) Rumania (EU) Slovak Republic (EU) Slovenia (EU) Spain (EU) Sweden (EU) United Kingdom (EU) Iceland (EFTA) Liechtenstein (EFTA) Norway (EFTA) Switzerland (MRA) Turkey (EC-Turkey agreement)


ETAREG vs ETADIR ETADIRECTIVE 89/106/EEC: A European Technical Approval is a favourable technical assessment of the fitness for use of a product for an intended use, based on fulfillment of the essential requirements for building works for which the product is used. ETAREGULATION 305/2011 : documented assessment of the performance of a construction product, in relation to its essential characteristics, in accordance with the respective European Assessment Document

Legal character: mandatory/ voluntary : 

Legal character: mandatory/ voluntary

New ETAs issued (cumulative) (excluding renewals 20/6/2013) : 

New ETAs issued (cumulative) (excluding renewals 20/6/2013)

EAD – ETA – DOP process : 

EAD – ETA – DOP process ETA Request Manufacturer’s technical file European Assessment Document (EAD) European Technical Assessment (ETA) ETA Content Legal bases Definition of product-type(s) and intended use(s) Performance of product-type(s) and assessment methods Assessment and verification of constancy of performance Declaration of Performance Assessment and verificationof the constancy of performance (AVCP) CE marking + instructions and safety info

Different ways to EU marketing : 

Simplified procedures (Art. 36 to 38) hEN Different ways to EU marketing Market Declaration of Perf. CE marking Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (of 9 March 2011) Regulation (EC) No 764/2008 (of 9 July 2008) Mutual Recognition of National Technical Document ET Assessment

CPR as a Performance Paradigm Shift : 

CPR as a Performance Paradigm Shift EOTA Added Value

The world’s first 3D-printed house : 

The world’s first 3D-printed house a performance paradigm shift THANK YOU

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