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How do I get my hamster to stop biting me? Read the file where you will get to know that how you can stop them biting. One reason for that is not having a good & proper Hamster Cages. Also, compare here some top Best Hamster Cages! Visit- for more info.


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THE POWER OF CLEAN HANDS It’s easy to assume that the reason behind a hamster’s biting is aggression but that’s not the case. Sometimes this tendency is because there’s more strength and dexterity on their jaw compared to their forepaws. One way to train a hamster to stop biting is by washing both hands with scent-free soap before handling them. This way the hamster recognizes the natural smell of hands and understands that these hands are harmless. They become less defensive and the biting decreases. Why They Bite

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A Gentle Blow to the Face Aside from getting the best hamster cages another way to stop the habit of biting is by gently blowing on their face once the tendency arises. The blow must not be too hard because this will only annoy them. It has to be gentle enough to distract them from their biting impulse. Hamsters are not into surprises so sneaking up on them won’t be a good idea. It’s important to show them your hand so they can see that it’s a safe space and talk to them in a gentle manner. Respect their “private time” and avoid holding or disturbing them when they are sleeping fixing their nest or eating. Visit us

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