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This presentation will show you, how does an OMR Software works. Here, I have used OMR Software Solution a product of Addmen. Scanning & software processing are two completely different processes & OMR software doesn’t need integration with scanner. Any scanner can be used for OMR sheet scanning. For more information or to get a Quote visit


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Addmen - Company Profile:

Addmen - Company Profile Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 OMR Sheet Reader Software A leading provider of OMR & ERP Solutions 12 years 2300+ Users 300 cities in India 12 Countries Government & Defence Orgs. Universities & Top Institutions Schools & Coaching Institutes Leading Brands & Corporates Addmen Provides, OMR Software for in-house processing OMR Outsourcing from sheet printing to results Online Application System for Pre-Recruitments & Admissions Online ERP for Admission Process Management Online Test Platform for Recruitments and Practice

OMR Solution Overview:

OMR Solution Overview

OMR Sheet Reader Software:

OMR Sheet Reader Software Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 Addmen IT Solutions Applications of OMR Technology OMR Based MCQ Tests OMR Registration Forms OMR Application Forms OMR Admission Forms OMR Mark Sheets OMR Attendance Sheet OMR Based Psychometric Assessment OMR Feedback Forms OMR Survey Forms OMR Questionnaires OMR Process Cards OMR Quality Cards OMR Check Lists OMR Ballot Paper OMR Document Validation

Myth about OMR:

Myth about OMR Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 Old OMR Process Very costly OMR Scanner / OMR machine required Special 2-colour, thick sheets to be purchased New OMR Process No special scanner needed. Any scanner can be used. Normal A4 paper and B/w printouts can be used OMR Sheet Reader Software

Process Overview:

Process Overview Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 3 Part Process: 1: Collect Sheets and Scan 2: Define Test & Answer Key 3: View Results & Analysis 100% accurate results using A4 paper using any scanner OMR Sheet Reader Software

Process Overview:

Process Overview Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 OMR Sheet Reader Software

PowerPoint Presentation:

Comparison of OMR Software v/s Machine Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 Read elaborate comparison on OMR Sheet Reader Software

OMR Printing & Scanning:

OMR Printing & Scanning Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 Printing: Design your own sheets Predefined layouts also available Take prints on Laser, Copier, Offset Normal A4 paper (Half A4 to A3 size) B/w prints can be used Scanning: Scanner not linked with OMR Software Images automatically scanned to a given folder Use any scanner (normal or ADF ) OMR Sheet Reader Software

OMR Results & Output:

OMR Results & Output Certified ISO 27001 : 2005 Various Report Formats Many layouts of Marklists , Question wise analysis of each candidate in each test, Question wise group response analysis , Graphical Performance report of candidate considering all test in the past , Direct prints, PDFs, Excel, XML, CSV and many formats Export Results to MS Excel or any other format, Also export for SMS & mail merge. OMR Sheet Reader Software

Thank You :

Thank You Certified ISO 27001 : 2005

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