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Pet Air Carrier is one of the best international pet movers assisting in each and every aspect of pet shipping and air travel services for dogs, cats and other animals to over 85 countries.


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Pet Air Carrier:

Pet Air Carrier Pet Air Carrier provides pet shipping by air to various countries including reservations, permits and documentation needed for animal shipping


About We provide pets air travel and shipping from United States to all across the globe. Focus mainly on pet safety and health during the relocation. 24*7 shipment tracking by our staff. Also assist pet owners in making boarding arrangements and ground transportation.

Travel Crate Preparation Checks:

Travel Crate Preparation Checks IF YOUR DOG CHEWS, FOR THEIR SAFETY, IT IS BEST TO PURCHASE METAL BUCKETS OR MORE STURDY HARD PLASTIC CONTAINERS . If your pet is a “paper eater” do not use the shredded paper. Crates must have ventilation on all four sides Be sure your pet has a Minimum of  3” above the top of the head when standing upright and be sure the pet is not forced to curl the front legs to fit in the crate or your shipment may be refused.

Crates Accepted by the Airlines :

Crates Accepted by the Airlines Hard Plastic Crates Ventilation holes on all sides of crate Must have metal nuts and bolts to hold the top and bottom together Custom crates must meet IATA requirements that vary by species


Contact Company: Pet Air Carrier Website: Address: 10245 Shallowford Road Roswell, Georgia, United States Email: Phone: 1.888.293.2210 Fax: 888.794.0364

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