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Pest control or pest extermination is the process of eliminating or exterminating pests in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and other production and industrial establishments. Pest control services are required to maintain health and hygiene standards in residential and commercial areas.


Pests include several organisms including insects, animals, and birds that are responsible for the spread of epidemics disease, destructive and are a threat to health and hygiene of the surrounding area.


Some of the most common pests that infest a facility that require the expertise of an exterminator include Cockroaches, Ants, Bugs, Insects, Flies, Beetles and Other creepy crawlies. Common Pests


Most homeowners and business managers or owners prefer to deal with pests on their own. Home pest control techniques include using various traps and poison to catch, trap or kill pests. The more beneficial option, however, is acquiring professional pest exterminator services, to eliminate and prevent future pest infestation.


Professional pest control services are extended by professional pest exterminators. These professionals are extremely knowledgeable in various means and methods in exterminating and eliminating several types of pests.


Various types of poisons and concoctions are used; they are usually sprayed with the help of a spray gun or pump. These solutions contain lethal elements, meant to completely eradicate the pests and their larvae.


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