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Perry Knife Works offers all latest collections of Victorinox Knife Set and Swiss Champ. Visit us at for new products of Victorinox.


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Perry Knife Works Victorinox - Swiss Champ Knife

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Unique design, multiple tools and great functionality, a Swiss Champ knife is the perfect companion in all your outdoor endeavors. Consisting of tools like tweezers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, scissors and wire cutters to name only a few, these knives can still easily fit in your pocket without adding bulk to your gear. The knives are officially manufactured by Victorinox.

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Victorinox Damascus Victorinox Damascus Limited Edition 2012. 4 3/8" closed. Damascus steel blade with thumb hole. Stainless wood saw, cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper, reamer, Phillips screwdriver, and keyring . Swiss walnut handles. Deluxe black wooden display box with plexiglass lid.

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Victorinox Mini Champ Knife Victorinox Mini Champ. 2 1/4" closed. Features knife blade, scissors, emergency blade, cut and picker blade, nail file/cleaner, screwdriver with ruler, cuticle pusher, bottle opener with Phillips screwdriver and wire stripper, retractable ball point pen, tweezers and keyring .

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Victorinox Swiss Lite Knife Victorinox Swiss Lite . Red handles. 2 1/4" closed. Features blade, nail file with screwdriver tip, scissors, white LED mini light, tweezers and keyring .

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Victorinox Midnite Mini Champ Knife Victorinox Midnite MiniChamp . 2 1/4" closed. Tools include knife blade, scissors, nail file/cleaner, ruler with screwdriver tip, cuticle pusher, emergency blade, cut and picker blade with scraper, cap lifter with Phillips screwdriver tip and wire stripper, retractable ball point pen and keyring . White LED.

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Victorinox Swiss Chocolate Classic Knife Swiss Chocolate Classic - 2 1/4" closed. Features knife blade, nail file with screwdriver tip, scissors, toothpick, tweezers, and keyring .

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Perry knife Works has more than 6 years of experience in the sale and purchase of high performance Swiss Champ knives. As a leading name in the industry, Perry Knife Works ensures fast delivery, high quality and optimum performance . Visit: Call : 508.496.7800 Email:

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