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“Kill Kylie” Case : 

When Kylie was in 8th grade some of her classmates started a website called “Kill Kylie Incorporated.” On the website people posting threats speaking of physical harm. They also created an I.M. that looked like Kylies and sent her friends and family messages that made her look bad. Kylie was extremely sad and told her parents and the police. The police filed charges against the cyberbullies and later Kylie transferred to a different school. “Kill Kylie” Case

Types of Cyberbullying : 

Types of Cyberbullying There are many types of cyberbullying such as flaming, denigration, exclusion, outing, trickery, impersonation, harassment, and cyberstalking. I think Kylies case was mostly impersonation. They made an I.M. account that looked like hers and sent terrible messages to people that made her look bad.

How Kylie felt : 

How Kylie felt After this happened Kylie felt attacked and devastated. I think Kylie dreaded going to school or even getting on the computer after the incident. Kylie ended up getting transferred to a different school after the bullies were charged.

Rules of Cyberbullying : 

Kylie followed the rules of cyberbullying. She ignored it and told an adult she trusted. Rules of Cyberbullying

These are some steps the adults took on this situation. : 

These are some steps the adults took on this situation. Kylies parents informed the police The police informed the cyberbullies parents Kylies parents pressed charges Kylies parents transferred her to a different school These were VERY effective steps.!

Consequences : 

Consequences The only consequence for the cyberbullies were charges. I think they should’ve had to pays fines and do some community service to pay for what they did.

Summary : 

Summary Because Kylie took action the bullies were stopped. If your being cyberbullied tell a trusted adult and ignore the bullies. It will take the fun away from it if you don’t replay, giving it a better chance of them stopping.

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