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Cyberbullying : 


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Julianne was bullied by girls in her class. She thought of her room as a place to escape from the bullies. That was until the girls started posting mean messages about Julianne online. The bullies found out her IM screen name and talked to her. Julianne thought she was talking to her friend, until they called her names and said they were going to hurt her the next day. She printed the conversation and showed her dad. They went to the police and filed harassment orders to keep her safe. Saving the Evidence

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Julianne felt threatened and frightened. They threatened to hurt her physically. Emotionally, Julianne felt scared. I’m guessing that she didn’t like going to school because the girls who bullied her were in her class. Julianne’s Feelings

Type of cyber bullying : 

Type of cyber bullying The type of cyberbullying Julianne is dealing with is denigration.

Following the Rules : 

Following the Rules Julianne followed the rules of cyberbullying. Although, she did talk to the girls who were bullying her, but that was because they tricked her because Julianne thought she was talking to one of her friends.

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Julianne was afraid that the bullies were going to hurt her, so she printed off the conversation that she had with the girls and showed it to a trusted adult/her father. The two of them went to the police and to keep Julianne safe, they filed harassment orders. Showing a trusted adult

Consequences : 

Consequences The consequences for the cyberbullies were that they had harassment orders filed against them. In addition to that, they had to stop threatening Julianne.

What I’ve learned : 

What I’ve learned I’ve learned a lot about internet safety and that it’s good to keep your passwords a secret. You should also have a username that doesn’t give out personal information. If you are ever cyberbullied, it’s best to not respond to the bully(ies), you should safe the evidence, and you should tell a trusted adult.

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