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Presentation of Amun Shea, Integrated Development Centre of Morazan, located in La Tejera, Perquin, Morazan, El Salvador, Central America


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Integrated Development Centre of Morazán Amún Shéa

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Amún Shéa, in Lenca Potón, the original language spoken in the north-east of El Salvador, signifies the land of Seedlings, and a place of Growth. For that Amún Shéa is the name of the Integrated Development Centre of Morazán, a place of growth for the future generations of men and women in Morazán.

Preparing this generation to lead the transition from a third world to a developing country : 

Preparing this generation to lead the transition from a third world to a developing country As a country, El Salvador finds itself transitioning from a third world country into a developing country. The north of Morazán has many great opportunities and faces great challenges during this transition.

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Within this context, The Perkin Educational Opportunities Foundation, with the creation of Amun Shea, focuses on three primary objectives: the educational investment of training the necessary human resources, sustainability through technical support for regional programs, and the promotion of Public-Private Partnerships in the investment of productive infrastructure.


PERKIN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOUNDATION The Perkin Educational Opportunities Foundation (PEOF) is a non-profit U.S. public charity 501(c)(3), founded with the goal of community enrichment through education in Central America, originating in Perquín, Morazán, in the north-east corner of El Salvador.

AMÚN SHÉA Integrated Development Centre of Morazán : 

AMÚN SHÉA Integrated Development Centre of Morazán With a challenging curriculum, a firmly based root in ancestral, historical and contemporary knowledge and the natural imagination of the young, fortified by the arts and cross-cultural exchange, Amún Shéa strives for an integrated approach: imparting knowledge, but also awakening imagination, comprehension and application in a hands-on setting.

Amún Shéa is formed within the context of Institutional cooperation : 

Amún Shéa is formed within the context of Institutional cooperation Maternal Care Center Municipal Structure NGOs Cultural Center Education Health Churches Environment Tourism Local Organizations

AMÚN SHÉACentre for Integrated Developmentof Morazán : 

AMÚN SHÉACentre for Integrated Developmentof Morazán Preparation of Human Resources - School: Pre-K through 12 - School of Arts - Indigenous Lenca Heritage - Continuing and Professional Education - Institutional Support Regional Support Programs - Documentation Center - Alternative Technology - Environmental Technology

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School: Pre-K through 12 has a learning-based curriculum, and focuses on self-responsibility and individual achievement, through hands-on applied learning

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The School of Arts, while integrated into the curriculum of the other programs, is independent in and of itself, with open workshops and specific training. The program will include painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, music, dance and theatre. An international program will also be established, seeking to obtain long-term commitment from Art schools abroad, as well as exchange with similar programs within the region.

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Indigenous Lenca Heritage: An investigation, documentation and realization of all aspects of the Lenca culture: language, the sciences, diet, health, craftsmanship and oral tradition.

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Continuing and Professional Education including a special program for Young Mothers, combining the continuation of academic studies with training in maternal responsibility. Other focus areas are training for the tourism industry, language training, seniors and technical courses.

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Institutional Support provides training and resources for the municipal organizations, health and education departments, and other entities responsible for the wellbeing of the local population.


CURRENT STATUS Land for campus installations While typically support is sought outside of the benefiting area, we are very proud to announce that our first donation has come from a local Salvadoran businessman and member of our Board of Directors, Aristides Sorto, in the form of 22 acres of land for the building of campus.


CURRENT STATUS School: Pre-K through 3rd grade Installations The Municipality of Perquín, conscious of the long-term potential of the program, provided an essential support: the community center in the hamlet of “la Tejera” to initiate classes.


CURRENT STATUS School Pre-Kinder to 12th grade - We began with formal education in Feburary of 2008, with 52 students in grades pre-kinder through third. - The program is accredited by the Salvadoran Educational Ministry


CURRENT STATUS Donations With the generous donations to date, we were able to fix-up the municipal building, build the classroom partitions, purchase furniture, including student desks, bookshelves, etc as well as the initial materials and textbooks


CURRENT STATUS On our own On our own, we are covering the monthly operational costs: teacher salaries, materials, snacks and school lunches, utilities and upkeep. We could use a hand here


CURRENT STATUS On our own Good start on the construction of the Nutritional Center and lanscaping/protection work in the creekbed


CURRENT STATUS Relationship with MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Design/Build of a rest and recreation area for the Maternal Care Center.


CURRENT STATUS Continuing and Professional Education Professional service training for the Tourism Industry English for the Tourism Industry Administrative training- Tourism Industry UNDER NEGOTIATION WITH PRODETUR


CURRENT STATUS Continuing and Professional Education Local Development courses Nutrition Library Documentation Center UNDER NEGOTIATION WITH PRESANCA


CURRENT STATUS Indigenous Lenca Heritage Language History Environment UNDER NEGOTIATION WITH RAIS

Amún Shéa : 

Amún Shéa Integrated Development Centre of Morazán thank you

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