Amun Shea 2015 Integrated Learning in El Salvador

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Brief description of the Amun Shea learning program with expansion for 2015


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AMÚN SHÉA Center for Integrated Development Morazán, El Salvador Perkín Educational Opportunities Foundation


AMÚN SHÉA Is a non-profit educational program, founded in 2008, in Perquín, Morazán Motivation for starting it: Provide a quality educational option Program: currently from kindergarten through ninth grade Student population: 80 Amún Shéa means land of seedlings in Lenca Potón, the original language of the area.


Morazán Amún Shéa forms part of a series of educational, cultural, social and business initiatives which are starting to produce positive change in northern Morazán. The atmosphere is of: -Social peace, without gang violence -Development of eco-friendly tourism with community focus. -Friendly social setting -Local development and non-traditional productive ventures. -Opening of important markets. -Improvement of roads and productive infrastructure.

Our objectives:

Our objectives Short term Develop young people with leadership skills, entrepreneur spirit and technical ability. Mid term Create a pool of development in Morazán Long term Be a successful learning model that assists in the transformation of education in El Salvador.


Method Understanding the reality that surrounds us. Social and economic obstacles become our principal focus of study. The challenge of practical real world application of academic knowledge uncovers opportunities for personal and social development.

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investigation - application - proposal


Challenges Tradition of social marginalization Family fragmentation High poverty indicators Over-reliance on social assistance Deficient teaching training Conformity Immigration


Program f ull day integrated program


Cost Monthly Tuition: $168 Local payment capacity: $50 Our social investment commitment is to obtain the remaining $120,000 yearly budget.

We seek partners to::

We seek partners to : Integrate Amún Shéa within visionary Social Responsibility programs Finance investigation and program expansion Provide scholarships Finance teacher training PERKIN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOUNDATION is a 501c3 US Public Charity, also registered in El Salvador as a non-profit.

Expansion 2015:

Expansion 2015 The constant growth of one grade per year, since 2008, calls for expansion to high school in 2015. In order to move forward with the expansion, the following investments are required: Investment Requirements Total Investment Counterpart Request Science Lab: Construction and equipment $15,000 $4,000 $11,000 Technical High School (TIC): Materials and equipment $8,000 $2,000 $6,000 Finish-work in Computer Center $14,000 $3,800 $10,200 Virtual Conference Room: Installation and equipment $12,000 $1,500 $10,500 Total $49,000 $11,300 $37,700 Consider becoming a Partner with Amún Shéa; change reality, change the world.

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