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Picture Perfect Cooperative Living has been providing clean, safe and affordable all-inclusive Group Home in Austin Texas and Killeen Texas for people with low income, deaf, MH, and MR, disabled, ex-offender and other special needs. See more at :-


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All-Inclusive Sober Home Austin TX - Picture Perfect Living

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Picture Perfect Living Corporation provides sober home in Austin TX for people recovering from alcohol or drug abuse. Our all-inclusive sober homes are located in friendly neighborhood with all the facilities like food, bed, electricity, TV, and many more other facilities.

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These sober homes are specifically designed to help people recover faster. 12 step programs have been formulated to help members easily move back into the society.

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With an experienced and well qualified staff the sober home members will have the best guides to help them recover fast. Our aim is to provide a budget friendly sober home for people who cannot afford expensive institution.

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Highlights of our Sober Homes :

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12 step program Boot-camp Group exercise Health, wellness and nutrition Mandatory reading Clean and nutritious foods on a low-calorie diet

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Picture Perfect Cooperative Living sober homes in the Austin Texas provides the right environment for recovery from addictions. Visit us for more information - Address- PO Box 16564 Austin, TX 78761 Call: 512-686-8315

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