Washington to Lewis and Clark

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George Washington : 

George Washington 1st President Only President to have 100% of the vote Only President to NOT live in the White House 13 stars (13 states) on the flag when he took office Added 5 more states before he retired

Washington D.C. : 

Washington D.C. Result of Compromise George Washington chose the site Pierre L ’Enfant designed the city Benjamin Banneker (African-Amer.) math genius made it happen

John Adams : 

John Adams Lawyer to the British Soldiers at the Boston Massacre Served as Vice-President to George Washington No political parties (beat Thomas Jefferson by only four votes) First President to live in the White House (only partially done) Was able to bring peace with France before a war broke out

Thomas Jefferson : 

Thomas Jefferson Wrote Declaration of Independence http://gardenofpraise.com/ibdjeff.htm Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase : 

Louisiana Purchase

Lewis and Clark : 

Lewis and Clark

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