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Balancing different saving expenses, like retirement and college, can seem impossible if you don’t have a plan. It’s not easy saving for multiple goals simultaneously, especially when they’re both big investments. However, prioritizing is key and Pentegra has just the resource to learn more


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701 Westchester Ave Suite 320E White Plains New York 10604 College and Retirement: Making It Work Parents may want to investigate strategies that can help them save for their childrens education at the same time theyre saving for their own retirement. When you created your financial plan saving for a new car or a first home may have seemed like your most pressing goal. Sure you put some money in the pot for a new babys future college expenses. And you probably started saving for retirement in your employers tax-deferred plan. But chances are good that your more immediate goals were the ones on your mind. Then Susie or Bobby started kindergarten and suddenly you realized college wasnt so far off after all. And while your retirement still might be many years in the future youve read enough about people not saving sufficient money for a comfortable lifestyle to know that its time to step up your game. But how can you possibly save for both goals at the same time Get Your Priorities in Order Its not easy to save for your retirement at the same time youre saving for a childs college education. So you might be tempted to put saving for retirement on the back burner and concentrate your efforts on building a college fund. But before you cut back on your contributions to your retirement accounts keep these two important facts in mind:  Youll probably need more money for your retirement than for any other goal you have.  While your child can borrow money to pay for college you cant borrow money to fund your retirement. The key to your success is having a plan for saving for both goals. Meeting with your financial professional to come up with a strategy should be your first move. Retirement: Your First Priority Think about your potential income sources once you retire. Social Security benefits may be available to you. You might also have pension benefits coming to you from a current or former employer. But these income sources might not be enough to provide the lifestyle BUILDING BLOCKS FOR RETIREMENT Retirement Planning Essentials

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701 Westchester Ave Suite 320E White Plains New York 10604 you want throughout a long retirement. The solution: Saving as much as possible in an employers tax-favored retirement plan an individual retirement account IRA or an investment account can potentially help you accumulate a healthy nest egg. Generally assets in IRAs 401ks and similar plans wont be included in the calculation of your expected family contribution to education costs. And if you need cash for college youll be able to withdraw money from your IRA without penalty to pay qualified higher education expenses although income taxes may apply. Saving for College By starting to save for college while your child is young you may be able to amass substantial assets. Section 529 education savings plans offer generous contribution limits and distributions to pay qualified higher education expenses at an eligible institution are tax free. Plans are set up to benefit a designated beneficiary but if that child doesnt use the funds the beneficiary can be changed to another family member without tax consequences. Funds in 529 plans typically are treated as parents assets for financial aid purposes. Planning ahead can help you save enough money to reach all of your important goals. This material is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute investment tax legal or accounting advice on the matters addressed. Neither Pentegra Services Inc. its subsidiaries nor any of their respective employees intend that this material should be relied on as investment advice which should be sought from a professional advisor. Performance information shown reflects past performance and does not indicate or guarantee future investment results. Current and future results may be lower or higher than those shown. ©2020 Pentegra Retirement Services

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