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Pelican Containers best suited for buying used high cube containers. High cube shipping containers are taller than the standard shipping containers, comes in different sizes such as 20ft, 40ft and 45ft. Get the best deal for your high cube shipping containers.


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High Cube Shipping Container https://pelicancontainers.com

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High Cube Container High cube shipping containers are a foot taller than their standard counterparts of the same length. Typically, a high cube container is 9ft; 6in (2.89m) high and 8 feet wide and has an 8.5 feet tall door. These containers come in various sizes: 20ft High Cube Container 40ft High Cube Container 45ft High Cube Container https://pelicancontainers.com

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20ft High Cube Container Pelican Containers offers best quality 20ft high cube shipping containers at competitive prices. These popular containers can bear up to 30000kg load and are apt for the transportation of all kinds of cargo including heavy and tall machinery. Dimensions of 20ft High cube container: Internal dimensions: 5.87m/2.33m/2.65m (19’3″/7’8″/8’9″) External dimensions : 6.06m/2.44m/2.89m (20’/8’/9’6″) https://pelicancontainers.com

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40ft High Cube Container Pelican Containers expertises in supplying 40ft high cube shipping container to any destination in the United States. Apart from storage and transportation, this type of containers is also preferred for the conversion into homes and office spaces. Dimensions of 40ft High cube container : Internal dimensions: 12.00m/2.33m/2.65m (39’5″/7’8″/8’9″) External dimensions : 12.19m/2.44m/2.89m (40’/8’/9’6″) https://pelicancontainers.com

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45ft High Cube Container The largest of all our containers, the 45ft high cube shipping containers are excellent for storage, transportation, and conversion. They are used to transport extra-large machinery, as well as aircraft parts and can be transformed into massive warehouses. Dimensions of 45ft High cube container: Internal dimensions: 13.51m/2.33m/2.65m (44’4″/7’8″/8’9″) External dimensions : 13.72m/2.44m/2.89m (45’/8’/9’6″) https://pelicancontainers.com

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High Cube Container Applications High cube shipping containers are mainly used for the storage and transportation of large and bulky cargo. However, there are other innovative uses of these massive boxes as under: Innovative uses of shipping containers : Container School Homes Swimming Pools Pop-Up Cafes, Shops and Restaurants Emergency Hospital Workshops and Offices Indoor Farms Shopping Malls Garage Art Gallery Retail Stores https://pelicancontainers.com

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Where To Buy Use the below contact details to buy any size of high cube containers from us: info@pelicancontainers.com +1 305-985-4604 https://pelicancontainers.com 1111 Kane Concourse, Suite 518, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154 United States CLICK HERE TO BUY

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