Chinese Learning Philosophy

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Pearl :

Pearl Why did you decide to enter the teaching profession? How do you define teaching; what is its purpose? What learning theory most aligns with your teaching?Why ? How do you view your role as an adult educator? How do you plan to improve yourself through professional development?

My Map:

My Map

Become a Chinese teacher :

Become a Chinese teacher


Teaching Give sth . t o students Take sth . f rom students

PowerPoint Presentation:


We take…:

We take… Students’ Burden, fear of learning

PowerPoint Presentation:

Not only share, give But also decrease stress while learning Show enjoyable, interesting Knowledge, skills, information…

Chinese learning theory:

Chinese learning theory Xun zi

What should we learn?:

What should we learn? Learning— Morality Character Honorable Person

Why should we learn?:

Why should we learn? Ice comes from water Become a better man Shape woods become furniture Shape our personality

How should we learn?:

How should we learn? Hardworking Do not give up in half way Many drops fill an ocean Continue working Challenge to master your subject

Kongfu Panda:

Kongfu Panda Nothing in the secret scroll

Typical Chinese philosophy :

Typical Chinese philosophy Get to the next level, empty yourself The more you learn, the more you need to learn

Where should we learn:

Where should we learn Follow a good teacher

As a teacher:

As a teacher Role model Knowledge Personality Behavior From Chinese culture

What kind of teacher?:

What kind of teacher? Helper Guide Friend

What should I do?:

What should I do? Be with students Show students the way Find students’ goal Help students move forward

I had better know…:

I had better know… I am not perfect I am limited I should continue learning I cannot change students

Who am I now?:

Who am I now? Education Background Culture Experiences

I wish I could…:

I wish I could… Widen my horizon Master my subject Become a better person Become a BEST TEACHER

How can I improve?:

How can I improve? Study Reading Observe



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