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lesson 6 Devices that Output Hard Copy

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This lesson includes the following sections: Overview of Printers Dot Matrix Printers Ink Jet Printers Laser Printers Snapshot Printers Other High-Quality Printers

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Overview of Printers Categorizing Printers Evaluating Printers

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Overview of Printers - Categorizing Printers Printers fall into two categories: Impact printers use a device to strike an inked ribbon, pressing ink from the ribbon onto the paper. Non-impact printers use different methods to place ink (or another substance) on the page.

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Overview of Printers - Evaluating Printers When evaluating printers, consider four criteria: Image quality – Measured in dots per inch (dpi). Most printers produce 300 – 600 dpi. Speed – Measured in pages per minute (ppm) or characters per second (cps). Initial cost – Consumer printers cost $250 or less, but professional printers can cost thousands of dollars. Cost of operation – This refers to the cost of supplies used by the printer.

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Dot Matrix Printers How Do Dot Matrix Printers Work? Performance

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Dot Matrix Printers - How Do Dot Matrix Printers Work? Dot matrix printers are a common type of impact printer. A dot matrix printer's print head contains a cluster of pins. The printer can push the pins out to form patterns in rapid sequence. The pins press an inked ribbon against the paper, creating an image.

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Dot Matrix Printers - Performance Lower-resolution dot matrix printers use nine pins. Higher-resolution models have 24 pins. Speed is measured in characters per second (cps). Some dot matrix printers print 500 cps.

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Ink Jet Printers How Do Ink Jet Printers Work? Performance

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Ink Jet Printers – How Do Ink Jet Printers Work? Ink jet printers are an example of non-impact printers. The printer sprays tiny droplets of ink onto the paper. Ink jet printers are available for color and black-and-white printing.

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Ink Jet Printers - Performance Ink jet printers offer speeds of (2 – 4 pages per minute ppm) and resolution (300 – 600 dots per inch dpi), comparable to low-end laser printers. Ink jet printers are inexpensive and have low operating costs.

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Laser Printers How Do Laser Printers Work? Performance

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Laser Printers – How Do Laser Printers Work? Laser printers are non-impact printers. They use heat and pressure to bond particles of toner to paper. Laser printers are available for color and black-and-white printing.

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Laser Printers - Performance Laser printers provide resolutions from 300 – 1200 dpi and higher. Black-and-white laser printers usually produce 4 – 16 ppm. Laser printers produce higher-quality print than ink jet printers, but are more expensive.

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Snapshot Printers Snapshot printers are specialized, small-format printers that print digital photographs. Snapshot printers are fairly slow, and can be more expensive to operate

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Snapshot printers are popular among digital camera users

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Other High-Quality Printers Print shops and publishers use these printers to create high-quality color images: Thermal-wax Dye-sublimation Fiery IRIS Plotters

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Inkjet Plotter Plotters use mechanical, ink jet, or thermal technology to create large-format images for architectural or engineering uses.

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lesson 6 Review List the three most commonly used types of printers. List the four criteria you should consider when evaluating printers. Describe how a dot matrix printer creates an image on a page. Explain the process by which a laser printer operates. List five types of high-quality printing devices commonly used in business.

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