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Final Project: Sports Unit 7 & 8

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Final Project: Sports Unit 7 & 8 Contents: Unit 7: Changes in sports We talk about changes in many things in sports with the years. Unit 8 : Heroes from the sports We talk about those who are special, who bring their talent to each sport.

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Final Project: Sports Unit 7 & 8 About me I’m a person who enjoy watching and playing almost every kind of sport, I used to play baseball, soccer and basketball, but today, I only play for fun or for hang out with some friends. These are some of my thoughts about sports:

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Unit 7 Changes in Sports Balls Most of the balls in every sport have been changed with the new technologies and improve them up so the players can play much better than before.

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Unit 7 Changes in Sports Rules Many rules of sports have been changed with the time because of the requirement of the sport

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Unit 7 Changes in Sports Stadiums With the years, more and more people go to the stadiums to see sports so the stadiums need to be bigger and modern everytime so people can enjoy it.

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Unit 8 Heroes from sports There are many heroes in sports, people that play way better than the others and make some awesome achievements by playing sports. There are heroes from the past and from the present in every sport and these are some of them: It’s hard to decide who’s the best player in soccer of all time but every one has their favorite. For me I’ll say that my heroes are Cruyff and Messi

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Unit 8 Heroes from sports I don’t really like baseball, but it’s one of the most famous sports in all the world, so it also has their own heroes, for many people, Babe Ruth is the best baseball player of all time and he is their hero. As a modern-day hero there are some good players, here in Vzla most of the people consider Johan Santana as the best player in the MLB.

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In basketball, I think that all of the people match with chose Michael Jordan as the best player ever, because with his manner of playing he caused commotion in all the world every time he played. As a modern-day hero for me I’ll choose Lebron James. Unit 8 Heroes from sports

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Unit 8 Heroes from sports For me, my modern-day hero from all sports is Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis player that is consider for many people as the best tennis player of all time. He actually is the Nº 1 in the world ranking of the ATP and he owns many records from tournaments, prize money and trophies.

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Final Project: Sports Blog Experience I really enjoyed this trimester doing my blog, I had some experience In MySpace so it wasn’t that different. It’s a funny way to learn searching some things you want to say and then publish them so everybody can see what you’re thinking at that moment. Hope you enjoyed!

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