Unit 9: The Mind. How's your Memory

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Unit 9 : The Mind. How’s your memory ? In this unit, we saw some memories in our lives, we share some experiences and remember the old times. We learn some structures that help us to talk about past tenses and finally, we must write about some memories in our life. These are mine:

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A memory about: My House When I was a child, I used to play a lot of soccer in the apartment, I ran for all places kicking the ball and imagine I was in a real game. My Parents As a child, I remember that my parents used to take a shower with me and we played whit the soap and other stuffs.

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My brothers and sisters I remember I used to play all kind of games whit my sister: cards, chess and video games. My grandparents As a child, me and my cousins used to go on a trip all sundays with our grandparents. We were far to visit family, to eat or just to have a good time. Food I used to eat a lot of food when I was a child, but one day I eat so much that I get a cramp and I was a week sick for that.

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My Friends I remember all the good times whit my friends in the high school, all the games we played, all the times we laugh, the parties …! My Toys As a child, I used to play a lot with all kind of toys: Dragon Ball toys, Yu-gi-oh cards and my game boy color, I played with it every day!

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