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Tourism Jobs : 

Tourism Jobs

Touristic Driver : 

Touristic Driver A Touristic Driver is a professional who escorts national or foreign tourists in cars with a maximum capacity of nine passengers, driving their vehicle and providing information of historical and cultural interest.

Touristic Guide : 

Touristic Guide It’s the person who shows you the most beautiful parts of the city or touristic site to national or foreign travellers.

Travel Agent : 

Travel Agent A person, or company, that gets you tickets, hotel rooms and touristic rides for people going on holiday or making a journey.

Hotelier : 

Hotelier It’s a professional who makes the host´s reception at a hotel, Spa, Casino or any other type of touristic accommodation.

Tourism Technician : 

Tourism Technician It’s a professional who studies and deals with matters related to Tourism and usually works for national touristic institutions.

Flight Attendant : 

Flight Attendant Someone who attends passengers inside an aircraft.

Airplane pilot : 

Airplane pilot The person who pilots the airplanes and takes passengers all over the world.

Hotel animator : 

Hotel animator Group of people who animate the guests inside or outside the hotel, through dances, music and games.

Museum Guides : 

Museum Guides People who have a university degree and inform the visitors about everything they want to know related to that specific museum.

Coach Driver : 

Coach Driver A person who drives big coaches and takes tourists around cities or countries.

Chefs : 

Chefs Specialized cooks that work in different types of restaurants and with different types of food.

Cruise attendant : 

Cruise attendant A person who works in several areas inside a cruise ship.

Lifeguard : 

Lifeguard Someone who works at the beach protecting and saving people from drowning.

Beach Bar waiter/waitress : 

Beach Bar waiter/waitress Someone who works at the beach bar serving the tourists.

Handicraft artist : 

Handicraft artist Someone with the ability to create handicraft art pieces related to a city and a country.

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