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Portuguese Recipes : 

Portuguese Recipes Emanuel Moreiras nº8 Gustavo Ramos nº11 9ºA Josué Carvalho nº15

“Aunt Eugenia” codfish Pudding : 

“Aunt Eugenia” codfish Pudding

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Cooking Time: 1h

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1,2kg of potatoes 1 turnip bunch 4 large slices of codfish previously sunk into water (to lose its salt) 4 garlic cloves 1,5dl of olive oil Salt

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Boil the codfish together with the potatoes and the turnip. After boiled, pour out the water and put some aside. Tear the codfish apart and smash the potatoes. With them do a mash, without any fat, but adding a little bit of the water, where they were boiled.

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On a tray, spread half of the mashed potato and cod. After that, spread the chopped garlic cloves, cover everything with the rest of the mash potato and cod. Sprinkle it with the olive oil and with a fork open some holes on the mash. Take it to the oven (quite hot) till it golden. Serve.

Codfish “Minhoto” : 

Codfish “Minhoto”

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Cooking time: 50m.

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4 codfish large pieces 2 onions 500g of tomato 1 Bay leaf A bit of parsley A bit of nutmeg, smashed bread, water, salt and pepper

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1Kg of potatoes 2,5 dl of olive oil 50g of butter 4dl of milk 4 eggs 1 lemon (juice)

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Start a stew with the olive oil, the onions and the tomato, previously peeled and without seeds. Season everything with the garlic, the parsley, the bay leaf, the salt and the pepper. After the stew is ready, add a tea cup of water. Cut the codfish into squares and lay them in the stew.

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Let it boil till it absorbs all the liquid. In another pan, boil the potatoes, smash them and add the butter, the milk, the whisked eggs, the lemon juice and the nutmeg. Mix the codfish with the stew, spread everything in a shallow tray, sprinkle it with the smashed bread and take it to the oven, till it gets golden.

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