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Fish Recipes : 

Ana Rodrigues ner2 Cristina Sampaio ner6 Joana Fernandes ner14 9th A Fish Recipes

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Fish Stew With Potatoes (Caldeirada de Peixe com Batatas)

Ingredients : 

Ingredients Fish (Various) 2 Onions 2 Potatoes 1 Pepper 1 Glass of wine 1 Glass of water Parsley Olive oil Toasts Garlic

Preparation : 

Preparation Cut the onion into rings. Then add the potatoes into rings. Add the fish too. Put the tomatoes cut in slices, the pepper and the parsley.

Preparation : 

Preparation Add the white wine and the garlic in slices. Add the olive oil and the water. Let it boil, stirring it slowly a few times. Add the water whenever it’s needed. Serve with toasts.

Slide 6: 

Tuna Salad (Salada de Atum)

Ingredients : 

Ingredients Tuna (250g) 1 Lemon 1 Celery 2 Apples 2 Oranges 3 Cucumbers 1 soupspoon of capers 100g of olives

Ingredients : 

Ingredients For the sauce: 4 soupspoons of mayonnaise 1 soupspoon of mustard 1 Beetroot Vinegar Salt and pepper

Preparation : 

Preparation Cut the tuna into pieces and the beetroot. Cut the apples and the oranges into slices previously peeled. Sprinkle all the pieces with lemon juice.

Preparation : 

Preparation Cut the cucumbers into rings and mix them in a recipient, with the olives and the capers. Prepare the sauce with mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, pepper and salt.

Preparation : 

Preparation Put the sauce above the salad and mix it carefully. Put the salad in a tray. Garnish it with oranges, with the beetroot and the celery leaves.

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