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This was one of the best English Assignments I had this 1st Term from my 8th Grade Students. Congratulations!


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Technology and us:

Technology and us


Index Students I.D. Introduction Computers , the Internet and Social Networks Their importance , utility and dangers Types of Media that you know School newspaper - their importance Conclusion Bibliography Teacher’s comment / e valuation

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I have brown, long, wavy hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses. I am medium height and slim. I am funny and positive. I have brown, long s traight hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses. I am friendly, nice, calm and funny . Presentation

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I have medium , brown straight hair . I am tall and slim . People think that I am negative and friendly . I have medium , brown hair . I am medium and slim . I am nice and friendly .


Introduction In this work we are going to talk about technology and teenagers ( c omputer , social networks, internet and school newspaper ). In special , the dangers when using them .

Computers, internet and social networks:

Computers , internet and social networks


Computers Computers can be divided into two categories: portable and non-portable Classifying a computer can be done in several ways, such as in terms of: process ability processing speed storage of information size of memory


Computers Nowadays computers are used by most people in society. They can be used at work, at schools... Today there are several companies and known computers. Mac , for example, is a personal computer designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.


Interne t The internet is a worldwide computer network that allows millions of users to exchange and share information. The WiFi is a networking technology that allows devices to communicate without any wires.

Social Networks:

Social Networks Before social media sites existed there were only two ways to get the news: radio and newspaper. Now there are several networks such us: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Orkut, Tumblr and Instagram .

Social Networks:

Social Networks The chat room is an example of an online area where people can exchange text messages in real time. In the world 22.2% of people use a website as a social network.

Computers` importance, utility and dangers:

Computers` importance, utility and dangers

The importance, utility and dangers of computers :

The importance, utility and dangers of computers Importance: C omputers are very important because they are a easy way work , to store loads of information, like files, attachments , pictures… Utilities: The computer is useful to work and search on internet, to play games, to get information… Dangers: Sometimes computers can be very dangerous because they can get virus, and we can lose i nformation.

The importance, utility and dangers of internet:

The importance, utility and dangers of internet Importance: I nternet is very important because we can get more information quicker and easier , like information and pictures about a country or a city ( eg :.New York ). Utilities: I nternet is used to search pictures, information or news or to access Web pages… Dangers: Sometimes internet can be very dangerous because sometimes it has false information on sites, that we can change, create or write texts on ( eg :. Wikipédia ). On the internet we can open files which have virus.

The importance, utility and dangers of social networks:

The importance, utility and dangers of social networks Importance The social networks are very important because they can help us meet again old friends. They can also help us to know the latest news on the hour ( eg :. people who died …) and information on famous people ( eg :.last music of Rihanna …) Utilities: The networks can be used to show our pictures and our moments with our friends who are far away. Dangers : Sometimes people lie about their identity and another danger is cyberbullying…

Types of Media:

Types of Media

Types of media (mobile phones):

Types of media (mobile phones ) 1973: first call was made by an investigator of Motorola 1992: first sms (short message service) 1980: by the end of the 80´s they arrived at Portugal We can: Call Text Take photos Use Internet Social networks

Types of Media (Television) :

Types of Media (Television) 1923: first semi-mechanical system of the analogic television appeared in London 1935: first high definition service happened in Germany 1954: first colour television was made in the United S tates of America in NBC network.

Types of media (Radio):

Types of media (Radio) 1906: first transition in the United States of America 1920: regular basis transitions in the United S tates, Argentina and Europe 1920: opera and other music types are played regularly We listen to the: E.g..: News Music Publicity,…

Types of media (newspaper/magazine):

Types of media (newspaper/magazine) Informative s ervice about every day life National and international news Public entertainment ( reality shows, competitions) Life and work of celebrities They can be: Daily Weekly Monthly

Types of media (Internet):

Types of media ( Internet ) I t became an important work and research tool of our days, although it may cause some dangers for our lives. They are, for example: Cyberbullying False friends, …

School newspaper-their importance:

School newspaper-their importance The school newspaper is important because they help the students to know about the latest news about their school. It informs and helps the student and their parents about school activities, projects, parties… It also helps students to express what they think about school and what needs to be improved .

Our opinion:

Our opinion In our opinion teenagers spend too much time in front of computers and mobile phones . We think that we can use them but with some care . We also think that y oung people`s parents should control teenagers’ free time.

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We are convinced that most part of teenagers are addicted to technology (computers, mobile phones, tablets…) Besides that, people don’t socialize ( meet new people) and they don’t get any self-control. For all these reasons, we think that teenagers abuse on the technology usage .


Conclusion With this work we learnt that internet, networks, computers , and mobile phones are somehow dangerous , but without them,we can’t do anything , ( Search , easily communicate … ) are somehow

Bibliography :

Bibliography http:// https :// http :// …

Teacher’s comments/evaluation :

Teacher’s comments/evaluation Hi girls , Your assignment is pretty well written and quite interesting . Your mark is MUITO BOM Well done !

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