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This PowerPoint was done by two dear 15 year old students of mine. It will make you think about this topic and reflect over this matter.


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Work done by: Ana Rita Dias; Nº 3 ; 9th C Joana Sousa; Nº 10; 9th C Discrimination English T eacher : Manuela Galante Escola E/B 2,3 de Perafita school year 2012/2013


Index : Students’ identification------------------------------------ 3 Introduction------------------------------------------------ 5 What is discrimination ?------------------------------------ 6 Types of discrimination…----------------------------------- 7 Why does it happen ?--------------------------------------- 9 What can we do to fix it ?---------------------------------- 10 Curiosities…------------------------------------------------- 11 Video about discrimination--------------------------------- 12 Conclusion--------------------------------------------------- 13 Teacher comments----------------------------------------- 14 Bibliography------------------------------------------------- 15 Slideshow 2

Students’ identification:

Students’ identification My name is Ana Rita Dias , I live with my parents and my brother. I'm friendly, funny, polite and hardworking. I have a little glitch that is being stubborn. I like being with my friends, going to the cinema, shopping, listening to some music and I love reading. My favourite sport is acrobatic gymnastics because I can get more flexibility and better body coordination . This is a little bit about me. 3

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4 Students’ identification Hello, my name is Joana Sousa. And I will tell you a little bit about myself. I live live with my mother, my father , sister and my grandparents. I’m short, funny, friendly, smart, curious and stubborn. I think English isn’t a very easy class neither difficult, it’s all about practicing. Knowing that English is the most spoken language over the world and despite my difficulties I know that I must work hard to learn this language so that if one day I have to emigrate it will be easier for me to adapt.


Introduction 5 With this work we want to show the reality of our society, how we currently live and what we must do to change it. We would like people to think about this topic and to imagine themselves on both sides, because if that happened to them they would see how hard it is to feel discriminated. Hopefully this work will help us to make a difference and maybe we will all contribute in preventing this from happening so often.

What is discrimination? :

What is discrimination? 6 Discrimination is judging someone for having some different features, such as: colour , religion, culture, appearance, nationality, disability, social, sexual orientation, among other reasons. It is all about breaking the principle of equality. In a few words, discrimination may be considered the handling of people with contempt and inconsideration.

Types of discrimination…:

Types of discrimination… There are two types of discrimination : Direct discrimination Indirect discrimination Direct discrimination is when a person is discriminated because of their race, gender, marital status, age, disability, pregnancy or simply because of having a sex change. Indirect discrimination refers to laws, practices or apparently neutral criteria that used to be applied equally, but resulted in favoring one group over another . 7

Examples of discrimination::

Examples of discrimination: Racial d iscrimination Sexual discrimination Gender discrimination Nationality discrimination Politics discrimination Religion discrimination Colour d iscrimination 8

Why does it happen?:

Why does it happen? This often happens nowadays because our society thinks that people with different traditions, religions or colours are somehow inferior to them and don’t have the same rights. 9

What can we do to fix it?:

What can we do to fix it? To finish with discrimination we can: Stop recrimination Accept others as they really are be fair be tolerant be kind Be a good friend Be a good listener Work together Help out Fix feelings 10


Curiosities… 11 The 21 th March celebrates and reinforces the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination;

Video about discrimination:

Video about discrimination 12


Conclusion With this assignment, we conclude that we have to stop discrimination because we are all different but at the same time all equal. 13


Bibliography http:// www.compactlaw.co.uk work done in class http :// pt.scribd.com http :// www.google.pt/imgres http :// www.youtube.com http:// www.portalsaofrancisco.com.br 14

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