The Adventures of Aeneas

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The Adventures of Aeneas : 

The Adventures of Aeneas Patrick Edmunds

Who are you, Aeneas? : 

Who are you, Aeneas? Son of Venus Trojan warrior One of only three

What do you desire? : 

What do you desire? Had to escape Troy. Dream told him Italy. Went from Crete to Italy.

The Rough Roads : 

The Rough Roads Attacked by Harpies. Driven away by Harpies. Next place, meet Andromache and Helenus Helenus warns Aeneas about landing on east. Do not travel between Italy and Sicily because of Scylla and Charybdis.

Thank Neptune! : 

Thank Neptune! Neptune saved them. Made their ship land at Carthage. Aeneas met Dido. Loved Aeneas. Killed herself because Aeneas left. Aeneas reaches Italy.


THE UNDERWORLD! Helenus spoke of the Sibyl of Cumae. Ventured to the underworld. Speaks to his father. Father tells of the great deeds future Romans will do. Returns to Earth and sets sail.

Welcome to Italy : 

Welcome to Italy Latinus told of foreigner. Would marry his daughter to Aeneas. Juno interfered. Summoned Alecto to wreck havoc. Alecto told to Turnus about marriage. Had Aeneas’s son kill a stag.

Let there be blood : 

Let there be blood War broke out. Trojans had no help. Rutulians led by Turnus, Mezentius, and Camilla. Mezentius- former ruler of Etruria Camilla- lover of battle and war.

Here’s the help : 

Here’s the help Father Tiber tells Aeneas to go to Evander. Aeneas goes to him and stays with him. Evander cannot give him an army. He sends Aeneas to Etruria for help. Etruria gladly helps.

Great Trojan heroes : 

Great Trojan heroes While Aeneas travelled, some remained where they were. Nisus and Euryalus wanted to tell him what happened. As they left, they killed man after man. Although they killed the leader, they both died.

New life : 

New life Aenea’s comes back. Death after death and battle after battle. Camilla and Mezentius die. Aeneas and Turnus meet in combat. Aenea’s slays him, marries Lavinia, and finds Rome.

Bibliography : 

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