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With the help of Led Ticker Displays, one can scroll and stream live stock quotes and financial data and keep the traders and investors informed. The HD Rise Ticker Display from Pebblecold Solutions offers best viewing experience with longevity. Led Stock Ticker display or LED Ticker Tape display has the best software with a easy user interface designed and developed by Pebblecold’s in house research and development team. For more info:


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Real Time Data for LED Stock Tickers When having installed and completed a trading room or finance lab , students can get onto their course with managing portfolios with highly interactive studios and systems. Having live stock and financial feeds , news and research data is a must have to scroll and stream on led tickers . Following are the options to get the live data from the certified and government recognized organizations : Bloomberg Morningstar Capital IQ Dow Jones FactSet Thomson Reuters etc There is a starking difference in between a LED Display and a LED Ticker Tape Display .

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LED Displays can be seen in the sport arenas, outside the business shops, galleries, stadiums etc. While looking from the hardware point of perspective, both look quite similar but the main difference lies in the technology part and controller cards which are used to control these LED Displays and LED Tickers . LED Ticker are more standard and affordable than Ribbon Displays. They have a normal controller taking care of the content which is being scrolled on the premium led’s. Led Ticker Tapes are very much ideal for showing the content which is continuously scrolling like stock and news feed , financial quotes , equities , sports scores etc. Tickers are way more economical than Ribbon Displays. Tickers can start from as low as 3 feet in width whereas LED Displays or Ribbon LED Displays start from around 12-15 feet in width given to the structure they get accustomed in. Programming led stock tickers are way more easy than other displays since you just have to take control of the content which is scrolling. One can adjust the brightness, change the scrolling speed, change the movement etc which are at users control from a simple computer or a laptop. Flexibility of ticker tapes is very easy and they can be fitted anywhere irrespective of the surroundings . Pebblecold offers the butter smooth scroll possible the best scrolling experience one can ever get. LED Displays are more expensive and more difficult to maintain since their after sales supports is way much higher than a normal low cost affordable led ticker . The content can be controlled, the message can be static, you can scroll the messages upwards or downwards etc. One can play with the resolution and can have big or giant led displays with the best resolution to offer from Pebblecold Solutions.

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Outdoor LED Ticker Tapes Outdoor led ticker tapes have their own charm and they look lovely when viewed as they offer the brightest colors which looks magnificent to the eyes of the beholder. One can view the outdoor led tickers from a far away distance as they have the ability to cut across the direct sunlight and shine like no one else. Moreover, it adds value to your business. High Resolution outdoor ticker tapes are a must have if you are a large asset management firm or a big financial house. They can be accustomed to any given width. Full color outdoor ticker tapes create a Manhattan type Wall Street atmosphere for the viewers who are going for work. You can directly attract attention and can stand out from the crowd. One can also make their ticker display interactive by making them wifi enabled. You just have to pay a nominal fees of $1,800 to make your ticker wifi enabled and Pebblecold will develop an application through which the outdoor ticker can be controlled by anyone who installs your specific app and then change the content on the go. Outdoor led tickers can be installed at any height. Spanning from 20 feet to few hundreds feet, even if you want to cover your whole building one can also do with the help of our installation team.

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