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The Pearl Waterless Car Wash product line has 2 exterior waterless car wash and polishing products within its world leading environmentally friendly range. One of them is bright purple in colour and called Advanced Ultra Nano Waterless Car Wash. This is a premium high-tech waterless car wash that easily cleans, polishes and wax protects all solid surfaces all-in-one. This includes paintwork, glass, plastic, chrome, alloys and much more. Not only does it clean & polish the surface, it leaves behind a super-slick Nano finish and on painted surfaces also protects the base metal by preventing the ingress of water and corrosion inducing pollutants by sealing the minute fissures and minuscule imperfections in the paint work which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Contact us today at UK Tel: +44 (0)845 874 0140 or visit http://pearlwaterlessinternational.com for more details.


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Advanced Ultra Nano  

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Advanced Ultra Nano 2-Wax formula now incorporates the very latest technology: 1. Super- Nano wax protection 2. Nano slip-surface ‘Lotus’ effect helps repel dirt , to maintain gloss finish and protection for  longer 3. Nano UV screens to protect treated surfaces from harmful UV radiation 4. Carnauba Wax, the world’s hardest natural protective wax

Why choose Advanced Ultra Nano waterless polish?:

Why choose Advanced Ultra Nano waterless polish ? Nano delivers outstanding benefits into automotive paint protective polishes.   A nano particle is a particle measuring between 1 and 100 nanometers (it would take 80,000 nanometer particles side by side to match the thickness of a human hair).

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Automotive paint finishes provide two primary functions:   1. cosmetic/appearance 2. corrosion protection of the base metal Paint finishes, even new surfaces, suffer from microscopic defects in the form of pin-holes and fissures which present a route through for moisture and airborne pollutants thus starting the process of corrosion in the base metal.

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Nano particles are small enough to enter and seal these microscopic defects, thus preventing the ingress of these corrosion inducing pollutants. With conventional polishes the particles are too large to enter these defects and merely bridge over them. Once Nano particles are in place they are extremely difficult to remove. The tightly packed particles provide an outstanding protective barrier and smoother surface which also imparts higher gloss levels and superior water sheeting.

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