Waterless Car Wash 4 FAQs

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Q . How do  Waterless Car Wash  products work and why do they not scratch the paint surface of the car? 01 Dirt particles are liquefied and encapsulated by special premium grade polymers on contact and are gently ‘lifted and suspended’ away from the surface preventing them from revisiting the surface of the paintwork. The encapsulated dirt is then trapped by the microscopic fibres of the Microfibre clothe .The  Advanced Ultra Nano  formulation also contains Nano and Carnauba waxes which seal the vehicles base metal and wax coats the paint surface at the same time for double protection; repelling water, making the surface super slick, shiny and giving anti-static protective qualities. This helps to prevent dust being attracted to the surface keeping the surfaces cleaner and shinier for much longer than old style traditional washing. Answer:

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02 Q . Can the product be used in hot and cold climates? Answer: Hot climates Waterless products can be applied in hot direct sunlight however for optimum application conditions we recommend applying the product either in a shaded area or inside a garage or showroom. When applying in direct sunlight spray a little more into the cloth first so it is slightly damp as this prevents quick drying due to the vehicle body heat absorbing the product. Cold climates Waterless products can be applied in cold temperatures but in minus temperatures you may experience some streaking. This is because the product becomes less viscous on an ice cold surface after the first part of the cleaning process. Gently buff the area until the product has completely dried. Use more than one Microfibre cloth to dry if necessary. Ensure to protect products from freezing by storing in ambient conditions in sealed containers.

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03 Q . How many vehicles will a Waterless car wash bottle clean?  Answer: 1L of  Waterless Professional  or  Advanced Ultra Nano  ( Nano Technology ) will clean and highly polish to premium showroom standard approximately 6-8 averaged sized vehicles. However it all depends on what size of vehicle is being cleaned and how dirty it is, but on average 100 -150ml will do a standard saloon which through regular use becomes easier and the surface shinier with protective layers. Super concentrates are available in 25L drums, 205L and 1000L containers where 25L of product when diluted will make 250L of ready to use product and will clean, highly polish and protect up to 2000 cars.

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04 Q.   Are waterless products more expensive than soap and water?   Answer: Waterless car wash products can  be used in more than just surface cleaning as not only do they clean but highly polish and wax protect all in one with the simple process of spray, wipe and buff panel at a time until all the vehicle is complete; saving you money on car care products as well. Whereas conventional washing involves using many different products and revisiting the same area of the car many times over to rinse, shampoo, rinse again, chamois leather and then wait for paintwork to dry before you can even consider applying any wax.

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