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Waterless Car Wash Product Importers Wanted :

Waterless Car Wash Product Importers Wanted

Offers private branding.:

Offers private branding.

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As you may know,  waterless car wash products  and eco car care products are finally hitting the mainstream.  We are seeing the giant car care product companies beginning to produce similar products and stock them in local automotive stores. Most of these products do not compare to the Pearl Waterless line of products for a few reasons. Some of them smear on the car, others are made with cheap/ non-eco ingredients and other plain do not work well. At Pearl, we pride ourselves by the way our products work! Just spray on, rub in and buff off with ease and the incredible shine is amazing. Performance is what has boosted Pearl Global, LTD into the international limelight. We have spent decades perfecting the formulas so our customers will have the best experience using them.

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Can be on-site or mobile Set- Up

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Today Pearl products are being imported into 69-70 countries and the inquires continue to stream in every single day. People from around the globe want our products and the response has been overwhelming. To keep up, we have boosted our production runs, added support staff and put our logistics team on notice. We are calling on international eco car care / waterless car wash product importers to contact us for a free sample to test out. We want them to test it against any/ all of the competitors on the market. We are confident that we will win the business, due to performance and ease of use. Since the term waterless car wash and eco-car care products is a relatively new terminology, and new business concept, we know that it takes time to break into the local market. The time is now and we see it growing very quickly from here on out. We want to work with the top leaders, brands and companies.

Or done in Parking lots.:

Or done in Parking lots.

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The time has come to introduce the Pearl Waterless to every region, country and community in the world. Please help us do this by importing your own pallet full of Pearl products. We can help you with sales sheets, web marketing, logos and much more. Your success, is our success. Pearl Waterless Car Wash product line is a 1:9 concentrate, except for the tyre shine. There is also a full line of conventional high-tech nano waxes, cutting polishes and a paint sealant. These products are all available in bulk and can be shipped virtually anywhere on the planet. These products are for companies that sell eco car care products or the companies that clean cars, trucks, buses or aircraft. There are many uses and the products are very flexible. Please visit our website for details about how to get your free sample pack and wholesale price list. Thank you -David Elliott

Come in handy and always ready to go.:

Come in handy and always ready to go.

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Visit http://pearlwaterlessinternational.com/ for more information.

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