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We are family


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Riva Jakarria Marvin Keandre Kwame Desmond Grandma Me

My Aunt Tiny : 

My Aunt Tiny Isn’t she beautiful!

Me & Riva : 

Me & Riva …at our cousin’s wedding 2012

Me & Angel : 

Me & Angel

My cousin Keandre (keke) : 

My cousin Keandre (keke)

5 : 

5 The Mc Donald’s Crew K.C. Jakarria Riva

Riva’s room wall : 

Riva’s room wall

My dad Kurtis : 

My dad Kurtis

Bailey & Boston : 

Bailey & Boston

Riva & my cousin Desmond : 

Riva & my cousin Desmond

I am Kurtis-Michael : 

I am Kurtis-Michael

My aunt Tiny (back in the day) : 

My aunt Tiny (back in the day)

Thank You for viewing! : 

Thank You for viewing!

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