Creating Your Email Marketing Strategy with Constant Contact

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Email marketing utilizes email services to send out marketing campaigns and advertisements to your audience. You can create a sign-up form to gain potential audience members, and the email can also be sent to them, to try and turn them from a potential lead into a customer.


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Creating Your Email Marketing Strategy with Constant Contact - Pearl Lemon Reviews What is Email Marketing  Email marketing utilizes email services to send out marketing campaigns and  advertisements to your audience.  You can create a sign-up form to gain potential audience members and the  email can also be sent to them to try and turn them from a potential lead into a  customer.

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Email marketing is one of the biggest methods of converting followers from  potential leads to loyal customers. It is widely used by marketers and is a highly  recommended tool to use for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Who Should Use Email Marketing  All businesses should use some form of email marketing to continue creating a  bond between you and your customers – but it will mostly benefit small  businesses.  Small businesses will see the most benefit because their brand is not completely  built up yet. The more audience you gain the more potential leads can be turned  into customers – which creates a funnel effect and increases your profit.  What is Constant Contact  Constant Contact​ is an email marketing service that helps you build email  campaigns. They utilize the drag and drop method of building upon premade  templates or offer you to create your own.  You can add contacts and/or import them from multiple places and integrate  the services you use. This makes it easy to add forms to your websites import  more contacts and more.  Constant Contact makes it easy to keep in touch with your audience and make  sure that they are taken care of by your standards.

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You get to try Constant Contact for 60 days free of charge and no commitment.  If you do like their service and would like to become a member their pricing  starts at 20 per month.  How to Use Constant Contact  Using Constant Contact requires ​basic knowledge​ about drag and drop building  email etiquette and knowledge about importing contacts.  I’ll walk you through these things so you’ll have the basic skill set once we finish.  There is a ​straightforward​ way to utilizing Constant Contact to its fullest capacity:  ● Create a Campaign  ● Import Contacts  ● Integrate Your Services  ● View Your Reports  Once you have completed these steps you will be able to use Constant Contact  for ​any campaign​ you run in the future  Designing a Campaign  The first step to creating any campaign in ​Constant Contact​ is to design what  the email will look like. You can choose from a ​variety of options​ depending on  your business and how you want it to look. ​You could choose​:  ● themed

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● classic-style  ● funky and fun  ● childish  or ​anything else​. You want whatever your design is to uphold the ideas and  personality of your business or it could turn your audience members off.  You can create a campaign in just 8 steps  1. Click on the campaigns tab on the navigation bar and then select  create on the right side of the screen.

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1. The pop up will display and you can choose any campaign you want to  do but ​I’m going to select the email option.

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1. You’ll be directed to the template screen. You can choose a premade  template that fits your business create from a blank one use a custom  code or import a file. ​I chose to work with the basic newsletter.

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1. The editor will open and you will have free-range to customize the  template to ​your liking. Make sure to name your campaign at the top  and save often. You can edit the images text subject lines and the  layout.

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1. If you click on the template you can edit the text images or move  things around. You can ​customize​ this to fit your idea.    1. If you would like to ​add an image​: upload the image click and hold on  the image and drag it to the image location on the template. Release  and the image will display in the area. Click ​save​ and then click  continue​.

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1. Next you’ll be on the ​finalization page​. Here is where ​you need to  make sure​ the heading is correct add a title and sub-header to the  email select the contacts and choose the date you want to send the  email. Click ​schedule​ when finished.

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1. You’ll be taken to the ​email campaign​ in action. Here you can see it’s  active if it’s been opened clicked on the images or website and more.  That’s all there is to ​creating​ an amazing email campaign with Constant  Contact. Let me show you the rest.  Adding in Contacts  Having an email list is ​vital to a business​. It’s how you get leads reach  potential customers build your audience and build your brand.

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There are many ways to build your email list but once you have it – you  tend to ​never let it go​. Here’s how to ​import i​t into the Constant Contact  platform.    Click on the ​contacts button​ on the navigation bar. You can see your  contacts in a category list or by a tag. You can see the contacts you have  listed and add more. Select the ​add contacts button​.

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The dropdown menu will activate and you can choose the option that is  best for you​. I chose to import my contacts from Gmail.

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You’ll be taken to the ​activate page​. Click on the ​connect​ ​with Google​ to

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continue.   You’ll be asked to sign in with your ​Google account​. Pick the account you  want to importyour contacts from and ​sign in​.

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It will ask you to ​allow Constant Contact​ to manage your contacts. Select  allow​.

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You’ll be taken back to the ​contacts screen​ where you can choose what  contacts you want to import and then ​select continue​. Then it will ask  you to ​organize the contacts​. You can add them to a list and add a tag  to them before ​selecting import​.  Integrate Your Services

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We love the services we use because they tend to make our lives easier.  One thing I don’t likeis using multiple platforms at one time. I like all my  services to be available on one platformso I can ​utilize my time properly​.  Select the ​integrate button​ on the navigation bar. The ​integrations  dashboard​ will display seven options you can ​integrate​ – and one button  for you to suggest what you’d like to add to the integration categories.  You can also view more in the marketplace.  I selected the Facebook sign-up form.

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A pop up will activate and ask if you want to ​get this app​. Select the  button​ and continue.

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It will direct you to Facebook where it will ask you to add the app. Select  add app ​and continue.  You will need to select the page you want to add the tab to and then  select the ​add page tab button​.

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You have successfully installed the app. From here you can ​return to  Constant Contact​ or ​go to Facebook​ to check out the new app on your  page.  Analytics and Reports  I like being able to see what is working and what isn’t working for ​my  business​. I also like itwhen I can understand them. The reports you get on  Constant Contact are helpful easy to understand and can be used to  better your content​.

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Clicking the ​reporting button​ on the navigation bar will display the  reports page​. You can see all the stats on your ​email campaign​ in all  forms so that you can understand the best way for you. You can ​select  the campaign​ you want to view if you have multiples.  Growing Your Business with Constant Contact

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Constant Contact​ helps you better your business by providing you with  the tools to help you succeed and the reports you can understand so you  can fix what isn’t working.  They offer support for consultations technical problems and anything  else you may have a problem with. They’ll even help you design an email  campaign that fits your business.  Overall I like Constant Contact. I find it easy to use and get started simple  importing services integration is very straightforward and if I need the  support – I know it’s there.  I highly recommend you try Constant Contact for your email marketing  and seeing what you think. You won’t be disappointed and I think you’ll  find the tools very useful  Original Source:

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