19 Content Marketing Hacks Every Content Marketer Should Know

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Are you having a tough time attracting visitors to your site despite using the best content marketing tactics? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of others in the same boat. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!


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19 Content Marketing Hacks Every Content Marketer Should Know Increase your lead generation with these 19 Content Marketing Hacks Are you having a tough time attracting visitors to your site despite using the best content marketing tactics Don’t worry you’re not alone. There are hundreds of others in the same boat. Luckily you’ve come to the right place In this guest post written by Pradeep Chopra the CEO of Digital Vidya we’ll cover 19 of the best content marketing hacks that can more than double your traffic. So without further ado let’s get started By implementing the following content marketing strategy you’ll:  Attract more clients  Build your personal and professional brand  Generate valuable comments  Increase your email list  Build a loyal following Before discussing our content marketing plan we shall answer a few fundamental questions. Firstly

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What is Content Marketing The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant valuable and consistent content for attracting customers and retaining their interests with an ultimate aim to earn a profit for the business. What are the Advantages of having a content marketing strategy Every business should have a robust content marketing strategy. Here are some of the benefits of formulating an effective content marketing plan:  You’ll increase the visibility of your brand  It enables you to establish a long-lasting relationship with your audience  Establish loyalty and trust with your current and prospective customers  Build authority and credibility  Gain recognition and improve your brand awareness  Generate valuable traffic to your website  Help your customer make his purchase decision quickly  Provide value to the business by establishing contact with the prospective customer engaging their attention and helping to convert leads into deals. Content Marketing Tips to Help you to Succeed Here at Digital Vidya we recommend incorporating the following 19 tips into your content marketing strategy:  HAVING A CONTENT CALENDAR IS A MUST A content calendar gives you a clear picture of what how and where you will display your content throughout the year. It can also help your other team members to share resources and use it for content marketing planning. Sticking to your content calendar will help you to consistently produce content and ultimately stick to your content marketing goals. increase the consistency of the flow of content thereby supporting your overall marketing goals.  UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE

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The definition of content marketing states that you should establish a rapport with your audience and retain their interest in your products and services. You should know your audience to achieve this objective. Tip: Segmenting your audience according to their demographics will enable you to connect with them better.  ORIGINALITY IS A GREAT VIRTUE Understanding your audience helps you to develop specific content to suit their needs and interests. Be original with your ideas and focus on building brand awareness. Continually update the content according to the latest trends in the market. Tip: Developing separate landing pages for each segment of your audience can help you resonate with your audience thereby helping drive traffic towards your website.  ADOPT DIFFERENT CONTENT MARKETING TACTICS Different audiences have varying preferences. Therefore you should formulate different content marketing techniques to satisfy the entire spectrum. Specializing in creating one type of content is not going to generate the required response. Use social media to your advantage. Facebook is excellent for your B2C campaigns. Similarly YouTube is an excellent channel for promoting video-driven content like tutorials and inspirational stories. LinkedIn and Twitter are more suited for the B2B interactions. Instagram and Snapchat are ideal for reaching out and connecting to the millennials.  BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR CONTENT Customers would love you to be consistent with your content. It increases their engagement levels considerably. Publishing content regularly is one aspect of consistency. Also you need to maintain a consistent voice tone and quality. Having a style sheet can help you curate content. The content calendar can help you with planning a consistent distribution. Maintaining consistency in your marketing efforts can help you gain a sizeable lead over your nearest competitors. These SEO tactics help define your content marketing plan  A COMPELLING SEO STRATEGY HOLDS THE KEY A content marketing agency can help you formulate an effective SEO strategy. Remember no one searches for information on the second page of Google. Hence incorporating accurate SEO is imperative for the success of your content marketing strategy. An effective SEO strategy

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should envisage tactics like the use of long-tail keywords compelling Meta descriptions high- quality images and descriptive URLs. They can do wonders for your content marketing strategy.  ANALYZE AND OPTIMIZE One of the vital SEO tactics is to analyze and optimize. Use different methods of testing such as Split A/B testing and so on to find out what kind of content drives traffic. It will help you determine what content is ideal for your business. On identifying the right content concentrate on optimizing it. You need to focus on aspects like headlines CTA options content length images landing pages site speed and so on. Streamline your content to achieve your objectives.  HAVE VIRAL IDEAS BRAINSTORM THEM Viral content is the right way to reach out to the maximum number of clients. If you have viral content do not hesitate to go ahead and share it. You have to be different from the others to succeed in your marketing efforts. Viral content can be anything from downright funny to one that invites controversy. People love to share controversial content. It can help drive traffic to your website. Standing out from the crowd does help sometimes.  WRITE IN-DEPTH ARTICLES Writing in-depth articles is one way of ensuring a good stream of web traffic towards your site. Google loves in-depth articles as well. An in-depth article is one that considers all the details and aspects of a subject. Research shows that articles up to 2000 words long tend to perform better on the search results.  A POWERFUL HEADLINE HELPS A LOT Dale Carnegie had said in his world-famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” that the best way to draw people’s attention is to create an eager want in the person. You can apply similar tactics to your content marketing. One way to attract people towards your content is to have a great headline. Statistics show that you have only 8 seconds to grab the reader’s attention. A compelling headline will help you do so.  CTA BUTTONS INCREASE THE INTERACTION The best way of engaging with the customer is to have a CTA button. The CTA button often proves to be the difference between a ‘bounce’ and a ‘conversion.’ Having a CTA button in your content ensures that the customer need not search for ways to interact with you.  CONCENTRATE ON THE “ABOVE THE FOLD” AREA

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Remember we are living in a competitive world. You have to think out of the box to be successful in business. Concentrate on the “Above the Fold” area on your webpage. Studies show that people spend 80 of their time above the fold whenever they scroll down a webpage.  GUEST BLOGGING IS AN OLD BUT EFFECTIVE TACTIC Thinking out of the box is a great way to generate web traffic. However do not ignore the traditional tactics like ‘Guest Blogging.’ It is an excellent way to connect with your audience. You can supplement your guest blogging efforts by reaching out to influencers that can promote your content. Psychology can help with your content marketing Adopt the AIDA strategy Adopting the AIDA strategy can help you get valuable comments that can motivate your prospective clients to contact you. AIDA stands for  A Capture the Attention of your clients  I Build Interest  D Create a strong Desire in your client to engage with you  A Seal the deal with a Call to Action  MULTIMEDIA CAN WORK TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Pictures can say it better than words. Use this maxim to your advantage. Make multimedia one of the pillars of your content marketingstrategy. Today people use their mobiles more than their computers and laptops. Create mobile-friendly websites and content to resonate with your customers’ interests. Use blog posts videos podcasts and speaking gigs and other similar tactics to connect with your audience.  SHARE VALUABLE INFORMATION ON YOUR RESOURCE PAGES The resource pages of your website are the best places to capture leads. You can use these pages to give away valuable e-books and short reports that can benefit your customers. It is a novel and effective idea.  EMPLOY THE 7-RULE EMAIL MARKETING TECHNIQUE

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Does this sound like an old tactic Yes but it is very effective when you apply this tactic to your email marketing campaigns. Whenever you wish to introduce a new product engage with your prospective customers seven days in advance. Give value to them over this seven-day period before pitching in with your product. It is an excellent way of putting your customer before your product. This tactic rarely fails.  BE IN THE PRESENT AND CAPITALIZE ON THE CURRENT TRENDS Engage with people by talking about the current trends. Providing them outdated information is not going to serve your interests in any way. Being in the present and capitalizing on the current trends will help you interact with your customers better. You have to update your content regularly to provide value to your customer.  LINK TO WEBINARS DIRECTLY WITHIN THE CONTENT Webinars are a great way of interacting with your current and prospective customers. You can provide internal links in your content to your webinars. These interactions can also help you to gauge the customer’s reactions to your content marketing strategy. It also helps you to analyze and optimize your content. Takeaways An effective content marketing plan is necessary to connect and engage with your existing and prospective clients. These 19 tips can help you do better than content marketing agency can. We shall see these tips in a nutshell.  Establish a content calendar  Understand your audience  Be original with your content  Do not out all your eggs in the same basket  Be consistent  SEO strategies help you reach the top  Analyze and Optimize content  Go viral  In-depth articles are the need of the hour  A compelling headline helps you get customer attention  CTA buttons help have more interaction with your customers  Concentrate on the Above the fold area  Guest blogging is an effective tactic  The AIDA strategy is a psychological one  Use multimedia to your advantage  Your resources page can prove to be your biggest asset  Your customer always comes first

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 Be updated with your content  Webinars are the way to go forward Original Source: https://pearllemon.com/19-content-marketing-hacks-every-content-marketer- should-know/

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