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French for English Speakers : 

French for English Speakers Created by: Dimick

French for English Speakers : 

French for English Speakers Created by: Dimick

À propos : 

À propos Appropriate; exactly on target

Avant-garde : 

Avant-garde advance guard: ahead of it’s time

Au contraire : 

Au contraire On the contrary, just the opposite

Bon appétit : 

Bon appétit Good appetite: enjoy your meal

Bon Voyage : 

Bon Voyage Good trip: have one!

Chef d’oeuvre : 

Chef d’oeuvre Chief, best work

Coup d’état : 

Coup d’état Blow to the state: a hostile take-over of the government by a rowdy band of rebels

Crème de la crème : 

Crème de la crème Best of the best: (cream of the cream)

Déjà-vu : 

Déjà-vu Already-seen

Fait-accompli : 

Fait-accompli Feat accomplished, done deal

Faux-pas : 

Faux-pas False step: a violation of accepted social customs

Haute cuisine : 

Haute cuisine High cooking- Elaborate preparation of foods

Haute couture : 

Haute couture High fashion: Exclusive custom-fitted clothing

Je ne sais quoi : 

Je ne sais quoi I don’t know what I just can’t explain it

Joie de vivre : 

Joie de vivre Joy of living

Laissez-faire : 

Laissez-faire Let it do it itself: Hands-off policy, let things self-correct

Nouveau riche : 

Nouveau riche New rich: Not old inherited money & therefore, lacking in taste & culture, tacky

Prêt-à-porter : 

Prêt-à-porter Ready to wear mass produced fashion as compared to customized haute couture

Pièce de résistance : 

Pièce de résistance The thing that you just can’t resist

Raison d’être : 

Raison d’être Reason for existing; what something was made for

risqué : 

risqué Taking risks- pushing the envelope of what’s socially acceptable

Sang-froid : 

Sang-froid Cold blood Showing no emotion

Savoir faire : 

Savoir faire Know how Being able to do something well

Tête-à-tête : 

Tête-à-tête Head to head Man to man

Voir-dire : 

Voir-dire See-say (in court) Lawyers decide if a juror will be good for his client by looking & asking questions

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