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C hanging D etroit M usic

Spitfire Entertainment:

Spitfire Entertainment www.sfe_online.com @ SfeEmpire on twitter Detroit Spitfire on Facebook sfetogether@yahoo.com For Booking Information

Spitfire Entertainment:

Spitfire Entertainment The Roster Tech Reno Urban Voice Mo’ney Kash Fame Rico Montrai G Boy Tazzy

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SFE Presents…… Urban Voice Flurry of Concepts

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Flurry of Concepts 1 . Let’s Get Money 2. Life I Live 3. So Confident 4. For the Moment 5. Flashing Lights 6. Envy 7. Lonely Highway 8. Still Hold da Title 9. Destined 10. It’s All Good

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Coming Soon Tech: The Message Fame: the NexTape Mo’nay Kash: The Life and Times of a D Girl Reno: Solution or the Problem Be on tha Lookout!!

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The Talent Rico Montrai The Melody Tazzy

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The Talent Fame The Flow Tech This rap $h*t is real

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The Talent Reno The Fire Mo’nay Kash

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The Talent G Boy The Edge Jay Rock

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The Detroit Music Movement People talk about how bad things are in Detroit. What made the economy attractive in the first place? Some would say cars, others would say MUSIC! SFE is going to revive the music empire that is Detroit. Join the movement!

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