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This presentation teaches you 5 steps to opening a formal presentation


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Effective Presentation Openings : 

Effective Presentation Openings By Paul Marks www.esllearningpod.com

Formal Openings : 

Formal Openings

Formal Openings : 

Formal Openings Step 1: Greet the Audience Good morning everyone. As you know, my name’s Paul Marks and I’m speaking to you today as a trainer from ESLLEARNINGPOD.COM. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to present to you today, I hope that you find this presentation interesting/ helpful/ useful. Okay. Let’s get started.

Formal Openings : 

Formal Openings 3 Step 2: State the Topic Today I’d like to present (a solution to…) What I’d like to do this morning is talk to you about (the findings of the survey we conducted about…) The subject of my presentation is (developing today’s leaders fortomorrow’s growth)

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Step 3: Give the Outline There are three main parts to my presentation. To begin with, … Following that, … And, last but not least, … The subject will be looked at under the following headings: Firstly, … Secondly, … And finally, …

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Step 4: Say How Long You Will Take This will be brief; it should only last 15 minutes. I will only take 30 minutes of your time. The presentation will take about two hours but there’ll be a 20 minute break in the middle.

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Step 5: When You’ll Take Questions There will be time at the end for questions and comments. Please save any questions for the end of the talk. If you have any questions, please feel free to interrupt. Please feel free to ask questionsas we go along.

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Next… Advanced Opening Techniques Thanks for listening www.esllearningpod.com

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