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In this pdf, we can explain the about the Static and Dynamic website design.Also, explain the Comparison between them.SEO czar is leading web design company.It provides the different types of Website Designing Services with affordable.For more details visit us our website:


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Static Vs Dynamic Website Presented by : SEO Intern

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It is the most simple type of website. It is written on the plain HTML Language. Static website not need of programming and database to make the website. The document are store in the file system. Static Website

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Advantages of the Static Website • Quick to develop. • Low cost to develop. • It is ideal for small websites. • It is faster to transfer

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It is the collection of web pages the content changes dynamically. Dynamic website used the scripting language to generate the dynamic content. It is manily used the CMSContent Management System Dynamic Website

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Advantages of the Dynamic Website • Restructuring of dynamic websites is simple. • It provides the attractive look. • It is useful for E-commerce sites. • It provide a clear andthe well-organized look.

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Static Vs Dynamic

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Static Website Vs Dynamic Website Static Website It is used the HTML code to develpoing a website. Flexibility is the important in the static website. The same content webpage load in the website . Dynamic Website It is used the sever side Scripting language . CMS is the important in the dynamic website. The content is generate quickly.

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