Vendor development

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Vendor development:

Vendor development

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Person/company who sells and supplies his/its products Identifying Developing Evaluating continuous appraisal Points to be considered Quantity, time, material, volume, commercial viability A list of potential suppliers

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Advantages: Able to develop more competition in the supply market as well as eliminate the monopoly Company can buy material from number of sources Reduce the risk of non availability or shortage of input materials over a number of suppliers In case of emergencies

Stages of vendor development:

Stages of vendor development

First stage: survey stage :

First stage: survey stage Collecting information on different suppliers of the desired materials Trade directories: dealers addresses, regional offices, names, types and range of products including spares Trade journals: advertisements of the materials related to specific industries Telephone directories: classified advertisements arranged alphabetically, item wise or group wise - easy and fast

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Supplier’s catalogues: contain technical information, specifications, prices etc Salesmen: trained personnel, help in expanding the knowledge Exchanging information bet depts , tracing public tenders and advertisements etc A list of possible suppliers

Inquiry stage – selection of potential suppliers:

Inquiry stage – selection of potential suppliers Detailed analysis Accreditation, FDA approval and certifications Comparison bet’ – technological competition - service competition - price competition - time based competition (TBC), i.e., response time for delivery Internal facilities of vendors: under supervision of qualified and experienced staff additional facilities Modern equipment, quality of inputs, maintenance, size and capacity, layout, housekeeping and cleanliness

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Financial adequacy and stability balance sheets Reputation of the vendor Location of the vendor’s factory After sales service Industrial relations

Negotiations and selection stage:

Negotiations and selection stage Finalization of vendors Credit, quantity discount, quality specifications etc can be decided List of approved vendors Purchase orders are placed

Experience and evaluation stage- consolidation of vendors:

Experience and evaluation stage- consolidation of vendors To improve the performance of vendors Evaluation especially on 2 counts, quality and delivery dif’ methods: Categorical method Weighted point method Cost ratio method

Categorical method :

Categorical method Subjective method Several merits Buyer would keep a watch on the performance Can discuss with vendors in clear terms Less expensive method

Suppliers evaluation form:

Suppliers evaluation form

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