Introduction to Pharmaceutics

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Introduction to Pharmaceutics : 

Introduction to Pharmaceutics Pavan S. Narkhede Lecturer SSJIPER, Jamner (India)

Pharmacy : 

Pharmacy Pharmacy is the health profession that links the health sciences with the chemical sciences, and it is deals with ensuring the safe and effective use of medication.

Pharmaceutics : 

Pharmaceutics Def : Pharmaceutics is a branch of pharmacy which includes the study of, formulation of drug in to a dosage form. It is a systematic approach to get an effective and stable formulation without disturbing its quality. It is deal with technology involve in large scale manufacturing.

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DRUG DOSAGE FORM Pharmaceutics

Slide 5: 

Drug : Drug is a chemical entity obtained from various source which produces therapeutic effect on the body. e.g. Paracetamol Digitalis Vincristine

Dosage Form : 

Dosage Form Generally drugs are combined with other inert substances (excipient or additives) & converted in to suitable form of administration in to body, this form of administration is known as dosage form. e.g. Tablet

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Capsule Injection

Syrup : 


Area Of Pharmaceutics : 

Area Of Pharmaceutics

Physical Pharmacy : 

Physical Pharmacy It is study of physicochemical properties of drug, additives, solvents and their application in the development of dosage form. It include study of micromeritics, rheology, interfacial tension etc.

Biopharmaceutics : 

Biopharmaceutics It includes the study of following Absorption Distribution Metabolism Elimination

Pharmaceutical Technology : 

Pharmaceutical Technology It includes the technology used in the manufacturing of various drug deliveries like tablets, capsules, liquid orals, parenteral products and advanced drug delivery system such as Nanoparticals Lyposomes Implants Transdermal deliveris Microcapsules

Microbiology : 

Microbiology Study of micro organism, diseases, and production of antibiotics.

Dispensing & Pharmacy Practice : 

Dispensing & Pharmacy Practice Dispensing prescription Side effect of drug The scope of pharmacy practice includes more traditional roles such as compounding and dispensing medications, and it also includes more modern services related to patient care, including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug information.

Historical background & development of profession of Pharmacy : 

Historical background & development of profession of Pharmacy Rigveda : Describe medicinal plant Atharvaveda : Describe ailments

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Ayurveda (Perceived by Brahma) Daksha Prajapati Bhardwaj Atreya (Agnivesa samhita) Charak (Charak samhita)

Charak : 


Slide 18: 

Sushrutha Samhita Sushrutha learned surgery and medicine from Dhanvantari. The encyclopedia of Sushrutha knowledge is known as Sushrutha samhita. Sushrutha is known as father of medical surgery. (specially plastic surgery)

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Advancement in the medical & pharmacy profession were bought by Hippocrates : Knowledge available is linked with ethics.

Slide 20: 

Dioscorides : Greek physician, wrote materia medica linked with botany and drugs of natural origin. Provides information about cultivation, collection and storage of crude drug.

Slide 21: 

Galen : Describtion of number of drug, their formulae and methods of preparation. His work is known as Galenical Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical Industries In India : 

Pharmaceutical Industries In India First pharmaceutical industry in india Bangalore chemicals and Pharmaceutical, Calcutta (P.C.Roy) Then in hydrabad and in gujrat. First antibiotic producing plant established in Pune. (Penicillin)

Recently established industry : 

Recently established industry Johnson & Johnsons Pfizer Wyeth Dr.Reddys lab Glenmark Ranbaxy Sunpharma Cipla Wockhardth Matrix labs Aurobindo pharma Natco pharma Elder Lupin Divis labs Orchid pharma Glaxo smith Biocon Solvey Macleoids

Thank You : 

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