6 Tips for Simultaneous Interpretation


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Conference Interpretation happens in real time when a presenter speaks at the same time as the interpreter passes the floor language in various languages. Equipment needed to complete the Simultaneous Interpretation process are ear phones, soundproof booths, microphones and high quality Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment. With the today's advanced technology, the interpretation process has become fully wireless.


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6 Tips for Simultaneous Interpretation:

6 Tips for Simultaneous Interpretation www.translationindia.com

What is Simultaneous Interpretation?:

What is Simultaneous Interpretation? Simultaneous Interpretation is the key solution for conferences where delegates come together with numerous native languages. The Interpreters responsibility is to lift the language barriers that arise so delegates can understand each other. All audiences speak their own native language and hear what others are saying in their native language. www.translationindia.com

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Simultaneous Interpretation enables interactive communication so that audiences can interact each other. It is also known as Conference Interpretation, which combines the skilled interpreters with appropriate technology. However, there are some misconceptions about the usage of conference interpretation, which are purely based on preconceptions. www.translationindia.com

Some most common misconceptions are::

Some most common misconceptions are: Conference Interpretation is very expensive: When you focus on cost and neglecting the retur n it might look expensive, but still some event organizers look at cost. Why we need Simultaneous Interpretation because we all speak the same language? Fewer misunderstandings occur when a common language is used. www.translationindia.com

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These misunderstandings reduce the quality of conference interpretation and brand reputation. So it’s better if you solve these doubts with the concerned person before conducting multi-lingual meetings. But the majority of the people are unaware of some points which will enhance the brand awareness and boost the quality of Simultaneous Interpretation System . www.translationindia.com

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Choosing good speakers:- The quality of interpretation is always dependent on the quality of the speaker, so always choose good speakers. Structure:- Request the speakers to properly structure their presentations. A structured presentation can be interpreted very well than unstructured one. Avoid word play:- Puns are not required for Conference Interpretation. Make sure you are using a different kind of humor. www.translationindia.com

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Help interpreters to prepare:- Interpreters must be able to prepare well for a multi-lingual conference. Interpreters work is to reproduce what is being said. Speak at a proper rate:- If possible, discuss with interpreters in advance about the appropriate speaking rate or speed. Speak your mother language:- Impress upon the audiences the value of using their mother language. The right language will then be interpreted properly. www.translationindia.com

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