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A customer has a 2-node MetroCluster. They experienced a complete power loss at site B. The customer has lost connectivity to site B and now realizes that the DR partner at site A has not taken over the DR partner at site B. Which two actions must be performed in this scenario Choose two. A. On the DR partner at site A perform the process to switchover. B. Ensure that site B is prevented from serving data or simply powered off nodes and disk shelves. C. On the DR partner at site A perform the process to heal the data aggregates. D. On the DR partner at site A perform the process to heal the root aggregate. Answer: C D Question No 1:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-591-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Referring to the exhibit which change is required to enable the CIFS Autolocation function for the users share Practice Test Netapp - NS0-591 Practice Test Netapp - NS0-591 A. Edit the CIFS shares properties to remove the changenotify property. B. Re-create the LIFs to allow both CIFS and NFS protocols. C. Change the CIFS shares symlink Properties parameter to symlinks. D. Modify the CIFS servers option to enable SMB multichannel. Answer: D Question No 2:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-591-exam-questions-dumps.html

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A customer reports that OnCommand Performance Manager shows that the workload on node-02 in a 4 node cluster has increased to a level that is higher than the threshold. The customer wants to avoid this issue becoming a performance problem. Which two actions would result in achieving this goal Choose two. A. Use the volume move command to move one or more volumes to another aggregate that is owned by another node that is less utilized. B. Use the storage aggregate relocation command to offload an aggregate to its partner. C. Use the storage aggregate scrub command to verify the parity on the busy aggregates. D. Physically move the shelf to another node that is less utilized. Answer: C D Question No 3:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-591-exam-questions-dumps.html

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End users are complaining of high latency when accessing an ONTAP cluster. Which command helps you to determine whether there is a storage component that is contributing to this problem A. qos statistics performance show B. qos statistics latency show C. sysstat -c 30 -M 1 D. wafltop show -v -cpu -i 10 -c 5-n 6 Answer: A Question No 4:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-591-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Question No 5:- https://www.exams4sure.net/netapp/NS0-591-exam-questions-dumps.html A customer calls you about a performance issue that they experienced over the past few days. They want to know if data collection and root cause analysis RCA is possible for this issue. This issue appears to be a one time event. Which tool would be used to satisfy the customers request A. perfstat B. perfmon C. OneCollect D. Performance Archive Answer: A

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