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My RV Story!

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I'm a gold prospector. In August of 2010 I bought a brand new RV From Poulsbo RV Located in Everett, WA

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The following is a presentation Of what happens when you buy A RV with recalls that the dealer Failed to repair!

This is the highway we were on:

This is the highway we were on

Beautiful countryside:

Beautiful countryside

And then.......:

And then.......

It's off the road we go:

It's off the road we go


--- We weren't sure what happened till another driver was waving feverishly!

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When we rolled the window down he told us our wheel was rolling the other way down the highway.


--- It was a fortunate thing that it happened on the passenger side, otherwise

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It could have created real trouble, possibly causing a major accident or death!

And here's what happened:

And here's what happened

It all started with defective tires:

It all started with defective tires

That had not been inflated properly:

That had not been inflated properly

The tires were on a recall list!:

The tires were on a recall list!

This was after only 2500 miles!:

This was after only 2500 miles!


--- Poulsbo agreed to replace the tires. But, the size, originally installed was wrong.

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They were too small; so, we installed the right size tire for the RV.


--- Unfortunately, there was a recall on the axles too.

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These were manufactured by Lippert Industries, the leader in frame/axle manufacturing in the RV industry.

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The axles were “mis-labled”! Too small of an axle was placed on the RV.

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This, along with poor welds led to the highway problem >>>>>>

You can see the wheel blew off!:

You can see the wheel blew off!

And, when it did.....:

And, when it did.....

This damage happened!:

This damage happened!


--- This presentation is created on July 13, 2011. The accident occurred on April 30, 2011.

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As of the making of this presentation I am still waiting on repairs! Check the following links for more info >>> Recall Website With Links PDF's of NHSTA Recalls

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Poulsbo RV – Everett, WA failed to fix recalls! Brought this RV from the back of the lot to sell it to me! Allowed me to leave the lot with under inflated tires on a recalled RV!

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Lippert Industries axles – recalled.

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THOR/Dutchmen/Denali RV has recalls.

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Original tires – recalled.

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I am currently seeking an attorney who is willing to take this case on a contingency basis.

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If you believe you can help me, please email me at hasisler@yahoo.com Thank you...

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