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The Marketing Concept : 

The Marketing Concept An organization should seek to make a profit by serving the needs of customers The purpose of the marketing concept is to rivet the attention of marketing managers on serving broad classes of customer needs The principal task of the marketing function operating under the marketing concept is to find effective and efficient means of making the business do what suits the interests of customers

What is Marketing? : 

What is Marketing? “The process of planning and executing conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.” - The American Marketing Association

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HOLISTIC MARKETING CONCEPT The holistic marketing concept is based on the development ,design & implementation of marketing programmes, processes and activities that recognize their breadth and inter-dependences

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Four components of holistic marketing: Relationship marketing Integrated marketing Internal marketing Social responsibility marketing

Holistic Marketing Dimensions : 

Holistic Marketing Dimensions

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Holistic Marketing Concept 1 Relationship Marketing Developing Marketing Networks Using CRM is “the overall process of building & maintaining profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction.” (Kotler, 13ed 2006) Using information to create marketing strategies that develop and sustain desirable customer relationships Establishing long-term, mutually satisfying buyer-seller relationships allowing for mutual dependency

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Holistic Marketing Concept 2 Integrated Marketing It is a comprehensive plan that communicates and delivers the intended value to chosen customers A set of coordinated cross functional activities (a unity of purpose) Traditional approach- McCarthy 4P’s Robert Lauterborn- 4C’s

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Holistic Marketing Concept 3 Internal Marketing External Customers Internal Customers

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Holistic Marketing Concept 4 Social responsibility Marketing Act socially responsibly; consider the ethical consequences of one’s actions; Focus on satisfying customer needs and wants while enhancing individual and societal well-being

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