Which fleas and ticks treatment is better – Nexgard or Frontline plus


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Learn which flea and tick treatment is better. Spot on Frontline Plus or chewable Nexgard for your dog.


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Which fleas and ticks treatment is better – Nexgard or Frontline plus Selecting anything best for your pal is a great responsibility accompanied with lots of daunting factors. Fleas and ticks create frustration among pet parents being responsible for making their pets scratchy and weak. Let’s start with the factors that can be controlled by your meticulous efforts. On a very primary level you have to help yourself as fleas and Ticks control is also based on the personal efforts which one make continuously for their pet’s safety.  Yard and belongings of pets should be kept clean and sanitized  Groom your pooch regularly and properly  If your pooch is an outdoor lover ensure you are checking him properly. The modern era of advertising and digitization is making it easy by endorsing ample of products which are proven safe with rapid action and instant relief. Markets are almost burdened with all the old as well as newly marketed product Propaganda of digital world has confused people a lot. Choosing any random product irrespective of the skin conditions of your dog can be quite menacing. So in short doesn’t be a copy cat While choosing a flea/tick preventative it is important to consider you and your pet’s lifestyle. There are many factors that could contribute to the decision of which option is best for you. Age species breed health status and any current medications should all be

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considered. All the flea/tick preventatives are medications and any new products should not be started without first talking with your veterinarian. Familiarize yourself with some glimpses which should be under your considerations while selecting a product for your pal.  Skin conditions Allergic /non allergic  Age  Weight  Severity of the underlying disease It’s just a problem of ticks or it has turned into Lyme disease Searching an appropriate product is a very daunting task Soto reduce the inconvenience in the path of selection you should trust make selection based on comparative studies. Here you can get wide range of product with their qualities and superiorities. Stay acquainted with all the pros and cons of these products. Frontline Plus and Nexgard are two top most products for fleas and ticks. They are powerful deterrent property. Now question arises which should be selected out of the two Let’s make it simpler by making specific comparisons. The comparisons should be based on some points like:  What does this product protect my pet against  Instructions on safe use of product  How long will it take for the product to begin working  What do I do if my pet seems to be having a reaction  Does my pet need to be on more than one product  If I see a flea or tick does that mean the product isn’t working Learn more about Frontline plus: https://www.bestvetcare.com/frontline-plus-for-dogs/flea-and- tick-treatment-3.aspx

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Comparative study- Nexgard Or Frontline The active ingredient in Nexgard is afoxolaner which absorbs rapidly into your dog’s bloodstream and over-stimulates the central nervous system of fleas and ticks causing 100 elimination within 24 hours. Nexgard is effective towards various species of ticks especially the American dog tick. Frontline has active ingredient known as Fipronil. Fipronil sits in the hair follicles and is released slowly over time. Nexgard is a flea and tick product of its kind because it comes in a yummy beef-flavoured soft chew this provides two advantages that you get rid of all the messy applications and no fear of licking by pets in short a safe formulation that protects your dog from flea and tick infestation for a full 30 days. Whereas Frontline is a topical treatment spread all over the pet’s body. It is completely waterproof So no worries.

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So here Nexgard wins arguably as tablets are ways safer than topical treatments. And secondly it can be preferably used by pet parents seeking a product to work effectively against American dog ticks. Learn more about Nexgard for dogs: - https://www.bestvetcare.com/nexgard-for-dogs/flea-and-tick- treatment-279.aspx

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