6 Tips To Keep Your Pet Fit And Healthy During Spring Season

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6 Tips To Keep Your Pet Fit And Healthy During Spring Season


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With the sun peeking through the clouds the temperatures rising and the flowers starting to show their heads it is the perfect sign that spring has arrived. For human beings it is all about dusting off the sunscreen and sandals but for your pets it is all about dealing with the troubles that come in the springtime. Although pet safety is a theme that pet owners should ideally follow year round springtime presents additional challenges including:  Chemicals  Garden bed preparation  General spring cleaning  Lawn care  Poisons When these problems are combined with poisonous plants increased outdoor activity and active wildlife it makes the task to keep the pets safe even more difficult during the spring. So it is always better to keep these tips in mind to keep your pet fit and healthy during the spring season: Commence Heartworm Preventative Treatment If you are not administering heartworm preventative treatment all year round it is time to start it again. Heartworm disease is life-threatening which can lead to heart failure if left untreated. The treatment of heartworm disease is very expensive. Hence prevention of the disease is the best alternative. If you have never put your pet on heartworm preventative treatment rush to your veterinarian who would conduct a blood test. This test will ensure whether your pet has been infected with heartworm infection earlier before recommending the treatment. Start Off With Flea Tick Preventative Treatment There are certain areas in our country that require year round protection from fleas and ticks. But if you have stopped this treatment during the colder months this is the perfect time to commence it. Even ticks can carry dangerous diseases like Lyme disease. It is therefore extremely critical to prevent these pesky parasites from causing harm to the pet by getting flea and tick preventative treatments. Take Your Pet To The Groomer Warmer temperatures can result in shedding. Dogs and cats are quite hygienic by nature but still they need some help. This is where the role of a groomer starts. Grooming can be done at home or with the

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aid of a professional groomer. During winters there is a possibility that you might have forgotten to trim their nails. Hence trimming the nails in spring is the best way to ensure that there is no splitting and breaking. Provide Up To Date Vaccinations To The Pet Spring is the best time to take your furry pal to different places including dog parks or other public places. During such times it is important to be up to date on all requisite vaccinations and deworming treatments. Restrict The Exposure Of The Pet To Spring Toxins Spring is the best time to fertilize your lawn. Always use safe pet products and keep the pet away from the grass. During springtime there are certain flowers and plants that can be extremely toxic to the pets. Lily flowers are extremely toxic to cats less so to dogs. But still ensure that the pets are not allowed to get near these flowers. Consider getting pet insurance because accidents and illnesses can happen anytime. With the help of pet insurance the pet owners can afford the best level of care in otherwise dire situations. Turn On The Activity Level of Pets If you and your pet have been inactive during winters it is time to turn on the activity level. You can do this commencing the leashed walks and other shorter play sessions thereby increasing the intensity on a gradual level. If you commence the activity in full throttle it can lead to injuries and sore muscles in pets. By keeping these handy tips in mind you can keep your pet fit and healthy during the spring season.

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